Dylan Wenzel-Halls Finishes The Evening With A Climatic Roar


The night DWH stroked a mullet, bagged a goal and stole the heart of a city. 

This kid is truly part of the new generation of player, grew up as a fan, gets to play for that team, delights a new generation fans, has kids from his childhood club there as fans and does his job. The man should’ve played 90 minutes all season.

What a mess of a game this was in the first half. Brisbane lost both centre backs in the first 20 minutes of the game, so retirement-aged captain and multi-purpose player, Matt McKay, moved to centre back. It’s not the first time McKay has played way out of position, in fact I think the only position he hasn’t played for the Brisbane Roar in his long career is goalkeeper. McKay thrilled fans earlier in the season at striker (I would have him as striker any game), and now got to thrill fans at centre back, as probably our most effective defender all season (miss you Papa). 

Not only did we have a midfielder in centre back, we also brought an actual child on to the field. Izaack Powell, a championship winning player with our Y-League team just a week ago, made his A-League debut at 16-years-old. The kid did not have a bad run, made a few long balls up to Dylan Wenzel-Halls and created a lot of chances for Brisbane, not to mention he managed to keep an Iranian international hero under wraps.

Reza’s first game for Sydney FC, since signing in the January transfer window, definitely did not go to plan. Most of his shots not hitting the target, or if they did Brisbane’s new second favourite goalkeeper, Brendan White, was there to make world class saves.

With starting keeper Jamie Young out suspended for thee matches, Brendan White steps into the squad. After a less than ideal game last week, having to come on partway through the match, White was not very impressive. He conceded some silly goals and the Roar fans were nervous without Young between the sticks, who has without a doubt been the best in the league this season. White really stepped up for Brisbane this game, inspiring the back line, who weren’t really backs for most of the game, and making some fantastic saves managing to keep the score 0-0 into half time. Unfortunately for White, early in the second half Danny DeSilva put one past him after White parried off LeFondre’s initial shot. 

At 1-0 down the game seemed to be going as expected, at work just that afternoon everyone was predicting six or eight nil losses for Brisbane. Sydney pressed in attack but White was always there to scoop up their efforts on goal. Mikkelson subbed on for Brisbane, our last sub and only sub by choice for the game, and immediately Brisbane started to have some attacking chances with a series of corners. Dylan Wenzel-Halls took his opportunity during these corners to stroke Rhyan Grant’s mullet (for luck?), this kid is something else. It felt different, the boys were determined to get something from this game. 

Finally, Brisbane equalised from Taggart hold up play and a Mikkelson overlap, this is the stuff we played back in our glory days. Wonderful to see it back out on the pitch. Mikkelson fired the ball past Redmayne, who looked like a deer in headlights not even trying to move in the path of the ball, the ball going straight over him. 

The last 10 minutes of the game was nervous for both team’s fans, with both teams creating some chances and making some risky tackles. Finally, in the 89th minute of the game, the man of the moment (much loved by Sokkah Twitter) rocketed in the winner. The feeling in the stadium was absolute Euphoria. The biggest fuck Sydney moment we’ve had in years. I think this is echoing proof that Grants mullet holds special power and we should all stroke it for luck. 

DWH ran to celebrate with the fans and stacked it on the concrete while copping a whack in the face from an excited fan, only increasing my love for him. #MYstartingstriker I hope he gets to play 90 minutes every game. He’s finally cracked open the goals, scoring in his second game in a row. Plus, Henrique seems to have new life playing alongside DWH, Ricky also putting in a full 90 minutes against Sydney. I loved watching their combination play (with Taggart there too occasionally). After a shit start to the season, 2019 hasn’t been that bad. I can’t wait for more moments like these at Suncorp. Our last gasp goals are 100% back in effect.

DWH deserves the world, I love this kid. Two wins out of 18 games, it’s coming home lads.

By Kianna Aquilina

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