E-League Recruits Gamer With Questionable Username And The Internet Lose Their Mind

Last night the glitz and the glamour of the E-league draft kicked off in a high tech white shirts only standing in front of a green screen display.

Each A-League team has selected two players to represent them in the league. Assuming one is on the bench in case of thumb injury or what’s more likely, carpel tunnel on a certain wrist. These players were announced to Australia last night using both their legal name and cyber name (what they are more known as). However one particular player stirred a bit of controversy.

Newcastle Jets recruit, Bohdan Ling was announced via his PSN username Grim_rap_er rather than his YouTube channel BLfifa, which he has created his following through. Now, you can read this innocently as we did or you could read this how all of Sokkah Twitter did.

We spoke with BLfifa (when we tried to e-mail him as Bohdan he wouldn’t respond) at the end of one of his 13 hour gaming stints who explained that his actions representing the Newcastle Jets club do not affiliate with the Newcastle Jets club.

Over at other teams we had Melbourne Victory making the most of this possibly historic product once again being trialled down under and got into all things interactively awesome. They created a ‘The Bachelor’ style rose ceremony to re-create their elimination process which even had Michael Zappone and Rhys Williams nominated for a Logie.

Melbourne Victory un-surprisingly have selected EA Sports’ Fan Engagements brother, Mitch Austin. Proving that if you can score yourself an unlimited supply of games, you can get like, really good at it.

While Adelaide United seem to have recruited Jordan O’Doherty’s brother. Or someone with the same last name who looks extremely similar. Further showing that there’s nothing else to do in Adelaide.

Since the announcement, The A-League, after being inundated with outraged mentions on their twitter page, have switched the imagery to display Bohdan’s YouTube channel username in an attempt to throw the entire situation of the fact they didn’t use their common sense under the rug.

On a completely different note, FFA has just released a new role in their Sydney office. A new position of Director of Outrage has just been advertised. In this role you will oversee all advertising drafts, possible shit marketing strategies (if there’s ever one again) and any further decisions that could impact the world in making people offended.

E-League Recruits Gamer With Questionable Username And The Internet Lose Their Mind
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