Fans Desperate For Greater Advertising Of Australian Football, Infuriated By Cahilltex

Australia has somehow, through a grueling qualifying campaign, bought their tickets to Russia. However, unfortunately, with achievement comes praise.

Tim Cahill, a household name. I remember him on my Weet-Bix box. He was the guy we all wanted to be, so we ate our Weet-Bix. No we didn’t know about the hard yards he fought, the difficulty he faced from a legal aspect to get into the national team. We were kids and he was a superstar.

Today, Tim Cahill is still a household name but we are not kids. We are in our twenties – thirties, we know his story and we are judgmental as ever for his lifestyle choices. We all have opinions; he’s a sellout, he’s all about the money, all he cares about are his sponsors etc.

However, you may not be aware, there’s a new batch of kids today. These kids are told stories from their parents of where they were when they witnessed the Socceroos qualify for the first time in 32 years.

On Tuesday it was unveiled that Caltex, the major sponsor of the Socceroos, has worked hard to market the World Cup and bring the fun to surface. Caltex’s around Australia have been transformed into Cahilltex with signs, banners, photos, personalised pumps and a big ass inflatable football on the roof. But as per usual, the fun police stepped in.

There are a million negative things we could find with this stunt. But why should we? Australia have qualified, we are going to the World Cup. Okay, we may not get out of the group stage with Peru’s performances and France being f*cking France. But, we’re going!

With the final squad not selected at the time of caltex’s Cahilltex production, it would be silly to assume Caltex selected the squad however Timmy is marketable. This was a publicity stunt two months in the making. Bert was always taking Timmy to Russia, it was always happening. It is just unfortunate other players are excelling at the time we need them most and are still left out. But, we are not Bert. We don’t know what he’s going to play. For all we know he could have the 10 outfield players create a pyramid with their bodies in attempt to block the ball from entering their area.

For now, Cahilltex is fun. I for one can’t wait to pump my car up with Rogic98.

Fans Desperate For Greater Advertising Of Australian Football, Infuriated By Cahilltex
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