Locals Sharpen Pitchforks After VAR Assists Sydney FC Once Again

With the inability to score in open play on Friday Night, Graham Arnold had no choice but to access his secret weapon, the VAR.

Friday Nights prime time match, while attracting the hardcore supporters and only the hardcore supporters, had no choice but to contact Arnie’s spy guys. As we all know, late last season the VAR was brought in to assist Sydney FC to do the double.

After the game we spoke with Graham Arnold who explained ‘The days of celebration and decision making within play are over. This is our time. Technology is taking over’ or something along those lines.

While Kenny Lowe, visibly pissed, spoke strangely low of the VAR in his post match press conference. As though the opposition benefiting from technology designed to hold up play and confuse young children is wrong.

This win brings Sydney FC up to second on the ladder, which if you ask Graham Arnold is only a certain percent of where they should be.