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Just like Mel McLaughlin and Lucy Zelic, Tara Rushton is a household name and undoubtedly one of the best in not only football, but sport in general and gives her all to the game, even now paired with motherhood duties.

I’m inspired by Tara because she is someone I aspire to be like, of course putting my own unique spin on my reporting. But having people like Tara to look up to can make you realise that all you dream of can be possible with the right support behind you, dedication and commitment, patience and perseverance.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Tara at the 2016 A-League Grand Final between Adelaide United and Western Sydney Wanderers at Adelaide Oval, where I had a great opportunity to volunteer for the FFA.

After working up some courage, I went up to Tara to introduce myself, and blurted out, “you’re my idol!” Which is obviously completely true. She was on that day, and still is, one of the most kind and beautiful people I’ve ever had the honour of meeting and has always taken the time out to have chat and offer support, advice or guidance, whether it be in person or over social media.

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Last year, Rose and I had the chance to sit in the Just For Kicks audience at Fox Sports where I was able to chat and meet with Tara again, and got to experience her work her magic in front of the cameras in person, which is definitely something you don’t get to see often. She really is a real-life Wonder Woman and you can never resist a hug (quite obvious from our photos).

She’s full of charm, grace and professionalism, something that makes her unique and I believe that sets her above others and makes her stand out.



She is supportive of everyone, especially females of all ages and backgrounds that are involved or want to get involved in football. Her smile and aura can make you feel welcome at once.

This is in honour of Female Football Week, and of course, a thank you from of the bottom of my heart, for being such an incredible role model to myself and others. To have formed a friendship with Tara is something I’ll never take for granted and I will take with me throughout my own football journey.

By Cassandra Treppiedi


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