FFA Announce Grand Final Re-Match At Allianz Stadium

The FFA announced yesterday via e-mail to all media representatives which is a sure way to have your information shared within 2.5 seconds, that Kosta Barbarouses’ goal in the 9th minute of the Grand Final, the only goal, should have been called offside.

This season we saw the Video Assistant Referee introduced to the A-League as FIFA’s dummies. While most are opposed to the VAR given it had a rough start, certain footballing spectators are adamant this is another awful plan the FFA has invented to f*ck over Australian Football.

During the Jets v Victory Grand Final the VAR experienced stage freight. The VAR and the linesman and the referee and the fourth official missed three of Melbourne Victory’s players offside.

The FFA released a statement claiming a technical error resulted in loss to certain angle(s) when time came to overturn the on-side decision. While the VAR lost vision of the goal, viewers had vision in the palm of their hands/in front of their couch. With Fox Sports offering 7,000 angles, Twitter offering 8,251 opinions and the Fox Sports Spanish Commentary Stream offering a screaming Spanish man yelling “OFFSIDE GOOOOOOOOOOOOL”.

However, at the time of outrage, people seemed to calm as it was only the 9th minute. The Jets had plenty of time to score. Plenty of time. Plenty of nerve racking time.

Unfortunately for the Jets, they did not score. The whistle blew. Melbourne Victory were crowned the first team in A-League history to win 4 x Grand Finals.

Melbourne Victory fans celebrated etc etc etc. We’ve seen this four times, let’s move on.

But no one, no one (well maybe some) predicted the VAR fallout to happen over the next 48 hours. Everyone from coaches to players to AFL reporters to the bloke next door had an opinion (who would’ve thought).

Every single opinion was exhausted. As were we, exhausted. Exhausted from reading the stupidity.

After all this who ha and we should do this and that, the FFA has had their say. It has been announced there will be a re-match of the A-League Grand Final at Allianz Stadium. While the fine details haven’t been announced, we understand the FFA is moving the Grand Final to a larger stadium in order to actually make a profit this time. Fox Sports and One are both expected to televise the re-Grand Final and JOWIC is rumoured to be the pre-game entertainment although they could probably just re-run VAR fails on a loop as that would be entertainment enough.

We also understand the VAR will have their own private booth occupying the first few rows next to the tunnel. They will have a hi-tech set-up, live view and be able to communicate with nearby members as members and spectators always have the correct opinion. 

As we speak, players are jumping back on planes, cutting their wedding plans short, undertaking a 24 hour charcoal juice detox and Lawrence Thomas is strapping his body back together. 

We for one cannot wait to pay even more money to attend a match between two teams who will be filled with anger due to their medal and hard work stripped from history and/or holiday being cut short.

FFA Announce Grand Final Re-Match At Allianz Stadium
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