A Day In The Life Of A WSW Supporter On Derby Day

To set the scene, I’m typing this with one good thumb. The other is wrapped up in a bandage so I don’t bleed out. 

It started at around 4:30-5am as I awoke from a deep sleep, a wake up call from our TLL analysis expert, to watch our girls in green and gold against France. We all know how that ended…

Then I head straight to the day job, spend a good couple hours there until it’s time to run off to meet the big boss lady on the other side of Sydney for our first ever (improved, completely sh*t talk and banter filled, hope you don’t take offence cause we are honestly joking the whole time) The Ladies League TV episode. Want more things to go wong? Well they did, Sydney trackwork happened.

Switched at Sydenham and had the Boss lady pick me up from good ol’ Central station, soon we were speeding our way through Sydney traffic and over the iconic Harbour Bridge like a bloody Fast and the Furious movie. Finally arriving to TLL HQ, having a coffee (or 10), moving the set around about 3 times, propping up the bar stool as a stand for the laptop to film since a proper camera was out of the question, spending a good 10 minutes trying to balance and centre it on a pillow for extra height, throwing the A-league scarves onto the table got make it like OH SO PRETTY, it was (I honestly fell in love with our little set up. SBS TWG Facebook live, YOU HAVE COMPETITION!…We still love you). We threw a couple great football books onto the table to make it look like we actually read in our spare time, centred the laptop again, did a couple ‘for sh*ts and giggle” practice takes and then THE SHOW BEGAN!

30 something odd minutes of improvising everything that came out of our mouths, I, a perfectionist (when I feel like it), said we should try it 1 more time and make it shorter…we did. And honestly we both agreed that the first take flowed better, so here it is, uploaded and ready for your eyes before the big derby? Right? WRONG!

Youtube f*cked us over with the uploading…twice…so we were running late. Rosa sets up the laptop too her phone hot spot and we make a ‘Bolt’ for the car (HAHA, Bolt…).

Driving towards Western Sydney, speeding through traffic again, this time it really looks like we’re in a movie while I have the Laptop wide open like I’m hacking the damn system. (Suddenly it’s a football action movie).

We make it back to West Sydney as I get dropped off at my place to collect the rest of the relatives before we head to the game, at the time we thought it would be best for us to bring the Laptop in and hook it up to my wifi so THE DAMN VIDEO UPLOADS IN TIME. Right? WRONG? Guess what came next.

I slam my thumb in the car door. Sydney is indeed red and black…….and so is my thumb. It was a small blood bath. My boss – has never been – on a more – dramatic trip…and to be honest neither have I, this was all new to me (Cassandra, you missed out on all the fun).

As I rushed inside after greeting my entire family at the door like a typical wog family does, (WARNING: people scared of blood, skip this part), my thumb begins to swell up with blood underneath the skin tissue, hand starts shaking from pain and blood is rushing out…I make a very quick bee line to the kitchen to put my hand under freezing cold water to stop the blood flow (see, I did learn something in First Aid school). And let’s give you a little insight to my very wog household, shall we?

…..Everyone panics.

Baba thinks I’m dying, Dedo thinks the finger came completely off, mum is doing laps around the house, my brother….my brother is sitting there on his phone giggling, brothers… Rosa is meeting my families for the first time and what a way to introduce one of your closest friends in football to your family while your hand is losing colour and shaking from shock, cold and pain…. “Mum, meet Rosa, Rosa, meet Mum….now excuse me, I have to call the paramedics”.

20 minutes later, after constant convincing, my Football Mother and boss heads off and the paramedics arrive, before she leaves, I make an oath I WILL BE AT THE GAME! The legends who stitched me up – shoutout to the Paramedics, had a good laugh with me, backed me up when my parents tried to convince me not to go to the game and then sent me off with a beautifully bandaged thumb and advise me to get a tetanus shot the next day. I was the first in the car, ready to roll.

Speeding towards Penrith we finally make it, find a god given miracle parking spot RIGHT OUTSIDE THE STADIUM, once again I’m first out and running towards the Red and Black Bloc to find Rosa and I do, thumb still well attached, the score line 0 – 0 as I still have hope in me that this will be our night and the thumb injury will be worth it.

Fast forward, We lose….3 – 0…my thumb is still bleeding while we stand on our chairs in the RBB yelling at the ref and chucking a few choice words at the sky-blue side. Wanna make it worse? Mid “F*ck off East Sydney” I shatter my iconic glasses that I tend to wear in fear of someone ripping a flare and my eyes being in danger of the smoke or sparks (it’s happened before…long story…bad night…MUCH LIKE THIS ONE).

This was a horrible game and I’ve never seen a line up like this, nor the team play as embarrassingly disorganised like this. Deflated, clumsy, hesitant, could not string a simple pass together without losing it or fumbling it in the wrong direction of the damn goal. I feel like I’m in the same place as I was last season when Gombau put a set of youngsters instead of experience on the line up, and we got out asses handed to us at ANZ.

Props to Sydney FC for f*cking my day up further but also teaching my team a very valuable lesson, Oh and props to the ref…see you in the car park.

Once again, it’s an Adelaide v Sydney FC Final and we can all just guess who I’m rooting for.

So see you all in Adelaide at Cooper Stadium for what will be another GREAT BLOODY FINAL. Will it be a back to back win for the Sky blue? Or will it be a revenge win for United? Will my thumb still be attached to my hand in 2 weeks time? Only time will tell.

I’m going to go mix Rakija with my coffee and then go into a deep depression now. Wake me up when it’s October 30th, I’ll have a flight to catch.

By Christina Trajceska

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