Maclaren takes the Stallions for a ride

According to the reports, social media and the TLL FFA Cup group inbox, Melbourne City played the Marconi Stallions, last night, at their homeground of Marconi stadium.

This round kick off at one of the best NPL locations in the West, and I’d say is one my personal favourite fields to watch football at, right next to the quality of Sydney United Sports Centre. Both these fields a full with decades of footballing history, rich with ethnicity and pride for the country, club, and the beautiful game, aaannndd I’m also rating the places based off food, and if you haven’t put two and two, together yet, Pizza and Cevapi are my cheat day foods. (So you can imagine how pissed off I am to be sitting at work, missing this game, but also having next weeks match against WSW, moved to Campbeltown…)


The Magic of the cup starts off faster than expected, with the first goal coming in at only 2 minutes into the match. It’s Jamie Maclaren, who makes it look bloody easy and I mean, it was… nobody thought it would happen so quickly, they didn’t even bother to mark him. It was an early punishment for Marconi as they’ve already let their guards down to a side that houses more seagulls than fans. (I’m starting reeeaaal early with the sharp banter, don’t worry, I give the population of football Australia, permission, to return the favour when my club loses in the next 3 derbies. Nothing hurts anymore, bring on the insults, I’ve been preparing for 3 seasons)

Going off the Melbourne City’s twitter page for live update, since I was AT BLOODY WORK and not being able to get any form of streaming, it seemed to have been going rather smooth for City, as they continue to press forward, hoping to get a second goal to seal it in the first half. It would defiantly put nerves at ease, because let’s face it, there are a handful of NPL teams that can outplay our A-league sides, with Marconi sealing 5th in the NPL 1, they are one of the sides we must not underestimate.

Towards the end of the first half, the continuous pressing pays off and Melbourne City, as they walk into half time with a 2 – 0 lead, against the home side with a goal from Craig Noone. And it’s about now I was expecting all the ‘No one’ memes and jokes to come out, and Oh good lord, did they come out…

Moving on to the second half, and as I check back into Twitter, to see what the hell is going on, NOTHING is going on. Melbourne are holding the lead well, Marconi are still down 2 – 1, and that’s all I got…because the City twitter is only updating me on the match every 15-20 minutes :’) … so I can only imagine how InTeReStINg the game was.

Excitement unfolds on the 85th minute, though, when Marconi get 1 back to make it 2 – 1. With 5 minutes to go, injury time to be added on, and the ‘Magic of the Cup’ in the air, anything can happen in these dying minutes to make it levelled again, and it comes so close to it happening when Fernandez takes a chance, only to end up with an unlucky off target shot.

Another chance to make it 2 – 2, comes again only a minute apart from the first attempt by Fernandez, but the reflexes of Bouzanis, come to save the day for Melbourne City.

The match ends with City being the victors, 2 – 1, as they progress to the next stage of the FFA Cup. Gracious attempt my the Italian Stallions, to keep themselves above water in the dying minutes of the match, but sadly, wasn’t enough.

Onwards to the next match, and THAT, my good people of Football Australia, will be against Sydney Untied and the Western Sydney Wanderers. God give me strength, I’m nervous, excited and already over it.

A wild mix of emotions.

By Christina Trajceska

Featured Image by Aleksandar Jason 

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