FFA Find A Way To Fund Pro/Rel

In a recent sit down discussion with two of the top fellas with the ability to squeeze out information, David Gallop announced to the Footballing Community that we have no money.

And by we, we mean FFA. And by FFA, we don’t mean personally, we mean the actual organisation and the resources they have. David Gallop and the Lowy’s have plenty of money.

David Gallop announced to each and every loyal listener, tuning in from their streaming device, that we are all getting our hopes up on this Promotion/Relegation fantasy. While it is literally a fantasy to some, they dream of the day they can wave their Blacktown, Adelaide City or Brisbane City flags. For others it’s a whirlwind of stress and financial woes.

The financial stress the A-League is under is much deeper than supporter groups can wonder. While crowd figures, viewers and sponsorship are at an all-time low, the FFA have little to be positive about. As their response to dis-interest in the A-League is to prevent anything that might make it slightly fun, personally we are unsure if Promotion and Relegation will ever happen.

It seems the only thing that can fix Australian Football now is Chinese investors. The FFA have been seen lingering among the VIP sections at the Star, working as hard as a young girl trying to fund her night out and luring unsuspecting wealthy men. It is understood Gallop has met with several different men and done un-Godly things. That’s right, Gallop was actually forced to watch a game. And even, wore an A-League scarf.

The idea is for these investors to invest in the Pro/Rel concept and will receive their profits once the extended teams start bringing more people through the door. For now, Gallop and co are on a mission to show how awesome and passionate our league is. You could call it Mission Impossible right now except that’s trademarked so let’s go with Mission Super Top Secret Pro/Rel Mission.

During Mission Super Top Secret Pro/Rel Mission Gallop and investors must visit several NPL clubs and or FFA Cup matches. However, to eliminate suspicion they must go undercover. Gallop will be raiding Kosmina’s closet while the investors will be dressed in the Ralph Lauren polo’s their wives recently picked up for them from the DFO.

It is believed they will use lucky number 13 on the Roulette Table to fund this expedition. While it is unknown how long the investment process will take, we do know Chinese money always has a positive impact in football.

FFA Find A Way To Fund Pro/Rel
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