Football Fans Try To Pass A Bill In Senate

Backlash from the weekend has brought to everyone’s attention how cool flares actually look and wondering how we can replicate other leagues in our backyard.

Images from the MLS have surfaced using different coloured smoke amongst the active support. Which has many Australian Football fans asking, why not us? While flares are legal in the US, along with guns, medicinal marijuana and voting for morons, they are illegal here.

Fans have begun the quest to irritate asthmatics by working towards legalising flares. However, fans have discovered they have absolutely no idea how to pass a law.

They have started with the simplest form, awareness. By constantly retweeting images of how cool flares are and voicing their opinions, flares are on the tip of everybody’s tongues.

Next step, the petition. This organised group will put together a petition, gaining as many signatures as possible.

Then comes the GoFund Me page. The GoFund Me will fund this expedition as time is money and while one would believe these people really have nothing better to do with their time, they actually have day jobs.

Political parties. Everyone needs support right? Hitting up all the local MP’s with an ethnic surname will ensure widespread support. Each state representative of this initiative will seek out local politicians and invite them to either an A-League or NPL game. Once seen together, this will show the togetherness these parties have for one another.

How to pass a bill? Well to be honest we’re not sure. I mean, c’mon, does a parody website that spends their weekends on the couch watching Football and taking the piss really seem like they’ve got it together?

Honestly, we’re just hoping Greg Griffin comes in and assists with the initiative as he may be the only person other than Wanderers supporters who frequently visit court.

Football Fans Try To Pass A Bill In Senate
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