Fowler all foreplay with no Roaring climax


With so many O’s on the field it’s a mystery how there was so much build up without a climax. 

We put a lot of pressure on Western United, passing it around their half for most of the game. But WU have an X factor we lack, creativity. Diamanti really is too good for this league, or at least too good for that game. He seemed to constantly create opportunities, combining well, working hard and commanding his team. He seemed to pop up all over the field, for someone who doesn’t look very quick he moves a lot.

I’ve got to say, I’m impressed with the way Rudan recruited for this team, lots of big names and lots of proven effective players in this league as well as a handful of talented youngsters like Yuel who was looking dangerous when he came on if only for a short spell. The most impressive thing was that Rudan was able to get them all to gel together.

Brisbane are good at the passing game but they lack urgency and awareness, they build and build and build but then are too afraid to take a chance at pushing forward through the defence, our wingers get in line with the penalty area, turn around and pass backwards. When we win the ball in our half, instead of trying a smash and grab counter we sit deep and continue to pass. Every team in this league seems to have worked out how to break us down, and Fowler won’t change the system. Remember when we played 4-3-3 for 45 minutes and scored 4 goals? I don’t think he does.

Now I would love to go into more detail about the game, but no one wants to re-live that shit show. Western United parked the bus from the 50th minute with absolutely no need because Brisbane haven’t got the ability to finish even if it was their wedding night. Along with parking the bus, Rudan’s green nix found every opportunity to hit the deck and call for magic spray just to waste a few extra minutes. Remarkable when you’re 2-0 up.

U17 World Cup Champion, Chris Beath, carded Kurto after his 3rd attempt at watching grass grow around the ball before he took his kick. I know I say this every week, but it is getting more and more necessary, I fucking hate Fowler football. We probably have one of the best passing records in the league, but when it leads to nothing there is absolutely no point in that amount of build-up.  

This team needs to stop playing passionless Fowler football and follow Jamie Youngs lead, who charged up the field into Western United’s box for the last corner(s) of the match. He threw himself amongst it, throwing his body around disrupting their defence. The first corner was cleared away and Jamie looked like he was going to take the next corner himself, sprinting over to the ball kid to collect the ball. This is the urgency and passion we lack. Jaime was playing for the fans. In his post-game 100 presentation speech, he teared up talking about his time at Brisbane, it sounded an awful lot like a goodbye speech. If Fowler lets him go this club spirit is truly dead. 

With 5 losses in 9 games it’s a fucking miracle there haven’t been calls for Fowler to be sacked. A manager who plays a bland brand of football with robotic passing, no creativity in midfield and a leaky defence. We can’t even shithouse a goal every now and then. Better coaches before him have had questions asked a lot sooner. Is it time for this little experiment to come to an end? Will a championship team come calling and rid us of the burden of this inexperienced fame drawcard? Probably not, we’re all suckers for EPL names. Here’s to the next 3 years of Fowler brand football.

Bonus round: I’ve decided to take advantage of this platform in order to educate the percentage of Sokkah twitter that doesn’t understand football. It was clear to me tonight with the amount of booing after Berisha was ruled onside for Western Uniteds second goal, that a number of supporters really have no concept of the offside law. Welcome to referee corner, with Kianna. 

An introduction to Law 11: Offside.

It’s really simple; if the player is behind the ball when it is played they are onside. If you are confused about why I’m educating all of you non-referees out there, it’s because I was blessed this evening by sheer stupidity on twitter. Now this isn’t unusual for me, however tonight was something truly spectacular. So spectacular in fact, I am still not sure whether they were a troll or not. The main culprit has since deleted his twitter account because Sokkah Twitter banded together to educate that poor, ignorant soul. 

Anyway, join me next week, when I inevitably need to explain the Hand ball offence because of another dim-witted fool on the internet.

By Kianna Aquilina

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