France Use Their Eugenie In A Bottle To Take Down Korea


It’s a wonderful day, ladies and gentlemen. It’s the day that the Women’s World Cup kicks off, the day that little sleep and a lot of football begins, and where we improvise our plans and lives to revolve around the beautiful game for a FULL – GODDAMN – MONTH.


So that means, for me and a lot of other people, it starts at 5am on a freezing, 9 degree, Saturday morning,  right before work, so feckon FABULOUS for me.

But shall we focus on the positives? Because the opening game that kicks off is being played by our host country, France, as they take on South Korea.

Two teams that play beautiful football and also share beautiful kits.

It kicks off, and France are already making it hard for Korea to get a chance to breathe, as the pressure is put on immensely. A number of crosses and corners in the first 10 minute, keeping the Goalkeeper on her toes.

Doesn’t last long, as French superstar, Le Sommer bangs a a HELL of a shot! SACRÉ BLEU! She scores the first goal of the competition and for her Country, to make it 1 – 0.

South Korea continue to be under the wire as France follow with possession and power, racing past defenders and challenging the keeper. A second goal, at this rate, is very much possible and on it’s way if Korea continue to let France through the cracks.

AND IT COMES AGAIN, INDEED! A poised header to pass it to Mbock Bathy, a Volley from Frances central midfielder and France are 2 – 0 ahead????


Guess who makes a wonderful star appearance to the party? Le VAR, which takes away the excitement of the second goal by verifying Mbock Bathy to be offside before the pass. The goal is taken back, the game is back to 1 – 0, Korea catch their breath BUT only for a short time, because the pressure is on again.

At this point, as we wait for France to make up for the goal that was taken from them, I can’t help but admire the next piece of material that I am planning on purchasing. Yes, Frances’ home kit. A real classy piece of dark blue, that is going to make me, very, very poor…

Speaking of poor, we can say that Korea’s performance is exactly that. Remember that second goal that got taken back a few minutes ago? Yeah well, FRANCE MADE UP FOR IT! Gaetane Thiney whips in a perfect corner to send it into the path of Wendie Renard, to header it into the back of the net.

Back to 2 – 0!

I won’t bore anyone too much with what happens between now and the next goal, because it’s basically the same thing that’s been happening all game. Korea giving away chances and looking shakier by the second. Another corner is given to France, a dangerous position to be in and it’s proven once again just how dangerous it is because it’s a 3rd time South Korea fall apart while marking, a 3rd goal for France, a 2nd goal for Renard!

3 – 0 just before half time.

Moving towards the second half, we begin to see a shift in Korea, a sturdier style of play, a little more well held together than the first half. They’re starting to find their feet in this competition but it’s a little too late to turn this game around, as France give the final blow with a 4th goal, to take the win for the very first group stage game, in the competition!

A marvellous performance from France, extremely entertaining, dominating and a FIRM WARNING to the rest of the competition that they mean business!

People, we are in croissant territory and they are not giving up this title without a fight. This is gonna be one hell of a Womens World Cup, and if the rest of the competitors in the competition are going to be a lot like how France played this morning, well, then buckle the f*ck up, grab the coffee, IT’S GONNA BE A GOOD DAMN MONTH!!!

By Christina Trajceska

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