French Domination Too Much For Our Tildas

Our mighty, mighty girls in green and gold took on the ever classy and purely talented, France, this morning. But let’s just go straight into the main details, shall we?

Our girls were under more pressure than I am to get married to ‘A good Macedonian boy’… And let’s just say, THAT IS A LOT OF PRESSURE.

France was all over us, ALL OVER US! Especially Amel Majri, who was 90% of the time, speeding it down the left hand side of the field, looking threatening with every chance that was given to her. And our ladies? Well, they were scrambling, everywhere except where they needed to be. Gaps in the defence that would fit a whale of an opportunity for France and it did, when poor Mackenzie Arnold saved a cross but pushes it right into the direction of a easy scoring opportunity for ‘Le Sommer’*, 1 – 0.

It didn’t look good at all in the first half, I was mainly left wondering when it was going to pick up but the ladies just kept losing the ball, unable to hold on, unable to pass without France intercepting. Crummer and Logarzo were struggling to get it together and keep the midfield, as well as back line, confident and stable. When one falls apart, the rest followed like a domino effect.

As for France, beautifully organised, smooth passing and crisp attacking side. The French squad came to impress the heck out of the green and gold and their audience, it was hard to look away from the beauty that is the French Womens National Team.

From my view, every chance France got in our half of the field, it was just smooth sailing. Rather than our ladies marking and closing in, they scattered…making my anxiety level just shoot further through the roof (or maybe that was the coffee).

Chances did open up for us but it was never enough, the football God’s were against us for this one. As much as it burned like hot hell that I had just spilt hot coffee all over me as Carpenter sent in a cross to Foord, slidding in towards the ball to take a chance on goal but just whizzes past her (BY A DAMN INCH), that was the most excitement I had felt all game.

Can’t say it was all bad (it was bad but ya know…let’s point out some bright sides)

Mackenzie had a few tough slip up’s but I have to say, the remainder of her game time, if it was not for her, we would defiantly have been 4 or even 5 – 0 with the way we were playing. Great work from our shot stopper!

Ellie Carpenter, our little pocket rocket, who said to herself “Enough if enough” as she pulled up her socks and took matter into her own hands, speeding down her line a number of times to send in a handful of chances towards goal.

Emily Gielnik and Mary Fowler made a world of a difference, creating a chance that we’ve all been waiting. If only the through ball by Gielnik was hit with just a little less power to give a little more room for a shot, it would have been a perfect run in for Fowler to make it levelled but Frances keeper saw the threat before if could happen, making a run out of her position to close Fowler down! (And as a huge fan of keepers, I basically squealed like an over excited teenaged girl at a Justin Bieber concert after watching that confidant save)

End of the 90 minutes, Le Sommer* smacked in a BEAUTIFULLY ACCURATE SHOT, it ended 2 – 0. It was a disappointing and hesitant performance from our girls and green and gold, one I do hope we can punch back from as they ready themselves for the Lionesses of England. The only way left is up from here, we’e seen these ladies perform and we know they can do it magnificently.

Until then, I sign off with the Matilda’s quote of the day;


– Still trying to figure out which one of the girls shouted that out.

*imagine me saying it with a, relatively well, French Accent, sorry, I’m not as good as Lucy Zelic*

Featured Image from Matildas website.

By Christina Trajceska