Georg Niedermier Hands Victory A Much Nieded Win


Victory’s final home game of the season was upon us; the Victory were looking to secure another 3 points heading into the finals series against the Central Coast Mariners.The home side came out a little cagey and the Mariners looked like they could pull off an upset, especially in the midfield but as the teams settled it Victory looked to be on top. 

However, no matter how many times the Victory seemed to enter the box or pressure the Mariners’ defence they could not find the back of the net.

Eventually, the deadlock was broken when Ola Toivonen pulled off a nifty little turn and slotted it past Kennedy in the 21st minute and AAMI erupted! The rest of the half was characterised with shot after shot by the Victory and I swear there must’ve been some sort of magnetic field, because they could not find the back of the net.

1-0 in Victory’s favour at halftime and for the fans in Navy Blue, the Victory should’ve been at least 2, 3-0 up and we were hoping we wouldn’t rue the lack of opportunities taken.

The second half started a little flat, with fans seeming a little restless wanting a few more goals.

Another goal game but this time it came from the Mariners and it was just a little controversial….
By little, I mean a lot. Matt Simon was awarded a penalty for a clip from Deng, however if you asked the majority it was not a penalty and the VAR deemed it to be a good call.

Well, to be honest there was a few not nice words spewing out of my mouth and my blood pressure would’ve been through the roof. But it was just what the Victory faithful needed because the atmosphere after that was definitely pumping!

The Mariners seemed to absorb the pressure a little more but the Victory were flooding the box with possession but it seemed that nobody could get a decent shot on target or in the back of the net.


Echoed through the stands!

Finally, it sunk in, in the 79th minute Georg Niedermier knocked it into the back of the net and what a time to score his first goal for the Victory!

The rest of the match seemed to flat line and from this Victory’s fan perspective the result was good but the second half performance in particular was a bit flat/lacklustre/boring.

Now to hope they improve in time for next week, results are good but we definitely want to play more attractive, clinical football.

By Jakline Manevski 

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