Georgievski Works Harder Than A Macedonian Mother But Fails To Bring Home The Burek


One minute, within ONE BLOODY MINUTE, the Phoenix wrote the results of the night, and then followed through with 3 other goals to seal the deal. 

Back in the Cake tin on the other side of the ditch, the Nix take on the Jets, and it started off quite quickly, but also quite rocky for Newy.

It was a goal during the opening seconds of the match, by David Williams, which put the Black and Yellow into the lead. But it wasn’t until the second half of the match, that the Nix actually stepped up once again, to take away all 3 points.

Rewind it to the first half, right after the lucky goal, we had a Newy side responding faster than I do to text messages (I either reply within 0.00003 seconds or not at all…). The first goal may have been to the Nix, but the first HALF, was certainly dominated by the Jets and one very special man in Number 17, Daniel Georgievski!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, if we had a Georgievski counter on the side of the screen, we would have probably counted it to be AT LEAST over 200 times that we heard the mighty Macedonian’s name from the Kiwi commentators mouths. That’s almost as much as fellow contributor and head of the Danny G fan club, Jakie Manevski, talks about him in our group chats.

He was all over the park, there was literally no one else to talk about, because he was everywhere at ever second, taking charge and doing all the work. (Much like a true Macedonian mother would, while doing the house chores)

We started a little bit of a drinking game on Twitter, every time you heard the blokes name, in true Balkan fashion, you’d take a Rakija shot…By the end of the game, some of us may be dead from Alcohol poisoning. Merrick probably heard about our dangerous idea from his coaching staff who were checking TLL out on Twitter (you can check us out too, give us a follow, you wont regret it), because he subbed Danny off on the 54th minute, and this most likely,  1. Saved us from the biggest hangover on earth and also death, but also, 2. RUINED ALL THE FUN!

After a dominant first half, as soon as they subbed off Georgievski, the Jets began to plummet from the skies. A penalty was given after a smart (for once) VAR decision was made, giving the Nix a 2 – 0 lead. A quick response from the Jets as O’ Donovan scores only 2 minutes later, but the glory was a short lived one, as David Williams scores a hat trick another 2 minutes later, to make it 3 – 1.

The goal to kill all hope was from youngin’ Sarpeet Singh, 4 – 1! Wellington take it away! It was a disappointing result for the Jets after a fighting first half to return from the clutches of that early error in the first minute of the match… but aye, whattaya gonna do?

Wellington have continued to shock and surprise the A-League and all their doubters (you know who you are), snatching another 3 points and moving into 4th place. My good people of #SokkahTwitter… it may just be looking more and more like a distance Derby Grand Final and I am all up for that sorta skin drama and excitement, because it’s going to give TLL so much content!

By Christina Trajceska



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