Gombau’s Philosophy Creating A New Chapter In Wanderers Little Black Book

The Roar turn their focus to their Ladies Team as they’re the only ones with any possibility of actually winning a trophy this season.

The Brisbane Roar Women have their eyes on the prize, sitting top of the table. Some fans believe it’s the leadership of Clare Polkinghorne leading the ladies to the top and others believe it’s the strength inhibited in Hayley Raso’s ponytail ribbon.

The men however, are struggling to play after supper. Last Saturdays win in Adelaide was purely through ambition to see out the game in hope they will still catch the early bird special at the pub.

Friday Night proved the ‘late night’ time slot wears down the aging attacking power of the Roar against the Wanderers. With Ben Kalfallah struggling to run after the 22’ mark and Massimo Maccarone lacking the appropriate proteins needed to smash the ball into the net.

The only bright ray of sunshine in The Roar’s dark tunnel of this season is Corey Gameiro. This little burst of youth sprung into their team providing hope to the angry, and under-valued fans and members.

However while John Aloisi’s side are struggling, the Wanderers are finally starting to understand the Gombau Philosophy. While Adelaide have kept this philosophy in a gold leather bound book, hidden in an underground cave under the streets of Adelaide, they have dug it up to pass it onto the Wanderers community.

Passing this Philosophy to the Wanderers community is a big deal to Adelaide as Gombau recruited and created their first Championship winning team. But with their new German Philosophy, they are more than happy to help the Spanish obsessed community from the West of Sydney.

With every single striker available in the entire Western district of Sydney on the pitch at one point in the match, Wanderlona were able to tiki taka and counter to their hearts desire. They found themselves unselfishly working as a team and allowing a team legend and a ‘Barcelona affiliation’ both get on the scoring sheet – even amongst the ‘lack of VAR’ controversy.

The Wanderers return to Sydney to prepare for a clash of Gombau’s old team while The Roar contact their lab to see if their ‘Ninkovic Serum’ has been prepared in order to spray the pitch with an anti-Ninkovic stench. However they were unable to prepare anything to protect themselves from Mierzejewski and the rest of Sydney FC as the Bakries won’t fund it.

Gombau’s Philosophy Creating A New Chapter In Wanderers Little Black Book
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