He sees you when you’re sleeping’, he knows when you’re awake and WSW let him leave with a point for goodness sake


Back at home with another DeRbY, this time we welcome one of the MANY “Wests” of the league, to our stomping ground at Parramatta. 

To recap, it’s a dark time for the Red and Black, after countless losses and constant backlash from the media, towards the big man, Markus Babbel. His pride, dignity and job is on the line, as the board goes Christmas window shopping, for a new manager to take his place, if a win does not come soon. 

Looking at the line up, the team looked strong, a few changes to the back line, welcoming Tate Russell back into the starting, along with our brick wall of a goalkeeper, Daniel Lopar, returning from a sudden illness that left him back at the hotel room, in Perth.

Up front, Alexander Meier and El Capitano Duke, with Yeboah and Muller not to far behind them. In the midfield, stands Schwegler and Baby Baccus.

The boys start off strong, and I’ll have to quote Simon Hill on this one and say they were defiantly “huffing and puffing” their way around the field. The boys were running head on, into Western United. The weight of the world not only being on their managers shoulders, but theirs.

The boys were working hard to score early on, but balls were going far, wide, off to the side, everywhere you DIDN’T want them to go. Deciding to stick around after a wonderful match between the Womens side, DEMOLISHING Sydney FC’s womens team, I stood in the RBB with my football familija, and sung for a good 45 minutes….until my left leg (which is still recovering from surgery) started to fail on me. And like Lopar did in Perth, I had to leave the party early, head home, and rest. 

Still keeping up to date with the game while I limped back towards Parramatta station, it seems that things started to pick up in the second half, for our boys. A little more extra bite and fight. (Of course, it get’s exciting when I have to leave).

The ball seems to be staying at our feet, possession seems to have picked up and chances like that beautiful volley attempt by Muller, seem to be arising more and more. 

You’d expect a goal to come soon, right?


A corner towards the box, a header by Baby Baccus which shifts towards Zeigler, and INTO the back of the net it goes! For the first time in a long time, joy rings throughout the stadium of Bankwest, and the boys are in front 1 – 0!

But just as you’d think the Christmas joy was here to stay, it leaves. Western United score to make it levelled, an almost IDENTICAL header by Calver, to shut down the Wanderers, where they stand.

Pure joy on Rudan’s face, while the camera zooms in on Babbel and captures the exact moment his heart rips in half, while capturing a bonus of Labinot Haliti, burying his face into his hands. 

The game ends in a draw, points are shared, and I think that will be enough for now, for Babbel to keep his job over Christmas time. Looking into the next round, we face Adelaide United, who are 4th. 

It’s the Rosa and Chrissi Derby, so STAY TUNED FOR ABSOLUTE CHAOS!

By Christina Trajceska

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