Hersday Football Becomes Kerrsday Football


Another Thursday, another Hersday. 

Two teams who have, both, had their ups and downs on the table, and both sides with ladies  that a blessed with skills (and looks) that could kill.

A quick summary of how this started off, and I’ll quote the W-league twitter page updates just to give you a reminder if you watched the game, and an idea of what you missed if you didn’t… “OFF THE LINE”!

YES, After blocking a shot about 3 times by the defence in a heap of panic, we have Sham Khamis stepping up to clear it ‘OFF THE LINE’ for good.  But that’s not the only lifesaving clearance she makes, she’s keeping United alive from the clutches of getting their asses royally handed to them by Kerr FC, all throughout the first half of this match.

Only days before the match, Khamis told The Canberra Times that she “vows to keep her aggressive attack on the ball” as she comes up against one for the worlds greatest, which is exactly what Canberra needed while they try to make a break towards the goal.

Speaking of Kerr, not so much luck tonight for our favourite number 20. We’re gonna start off with a fun ‘welcome to 2019’ drinking game, so every time Sammy is offside, take a shot.

She has had a few too many offsides for Perths liking, and also a blast of energy that sends the ball flying over the net a couple more times.

As for Canberra, can’t say much is different for them as they have a equal tough first half, unable to break past the Perth defence.

We move forward to the second half, where Eliza Campbell takes a note out of Khamis’ book and makes an IMPRESSIVE reach to the skies above and produces a save to deny Flannery a goal for Canberra United.

We’re still nil all, we’re all itching for a goal, an upset, a controversy like when Carpenter took a shot on the damn goals while Whyman was down a few weeks ago, ANYTHING!

The only thing that comes is a few repeated scrambles for the ball while both sides are adamants to ensure that neither scores! A back and forth cat fight for the ball!

But towards the dying minutes of the game, things come up all rosy for Glory and Sammy Kerr as a penalty is given away. Our glorious number 5 in the world steps up to take the shot. Low and powerful! Sham Khamis leans the right way to attempt to stop it, but Yeah Nah mate, it’s in.

By the end of this Hersday, Glory take away the 3 points that Canberra so desperately need to keep themselves in the competition, they are looking at themselves on top of the ladder with 16 points, neck and neck with the Victory ladies and the show goes on. My favourite to watch tonight had to have been the two keepers, Eliza Campbell and Sham Khamis. I mean, come on, I’m not playing favourites because I like keepers (I am, sue me), they did AMAZINGLY (no word of a lie).

4 MORE INSANE ROUNDS TO GO, WHAT WILL HAPPEN, the football gods only know because these ladies are unpredictable, in a good way.

By Christina Trajceska

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