Ivanovic Finishes On His First Time


On a really good tanning afternoon in Sydney, the latte sippers met $ity to decide who’s going to keep up with Perth Glory this week.

Just 9 minutes in, Milos Ninkovic provides some sexy link up play to young Ivanovic on his starting debut who slots it home. Milos is bringing sexy football back, yeahh.

Soon after Ivanovic’s goal, the poor bastard was knocked to the head and forced to rock a head bandage. While attempting to rock the bad boy look, Luke just looked like a sad puppy.

Melbourne City playing a fair bit of tiki taka and very slow football, playing about as slow and short as the tour of Melbourne City’s trophy room. With Jamie Maclaren still not in the starting line up now he’s sold his soul to the City Football Group, instead chilling in a corporate box, City would still have to rely on right backs and such to score their goals.

Unfortunately within the first half hour, Lukey had to be substituted from, I don’t know, one of the seven knocks to the head/rest of the body received. Later confirmed it was a tight glute injury, I didn’t know he was Greek? But with one door closing, another one opened for Mitch Austin who makes his first appearance for Sydney FC, nearing closer to completing the A-League bingo.

As Melbourne City continued to bore the shit out of me, we saw a fairer haired Brattan fall to ground after what looked to be twisting his ankle (I f*cking hear ya mate) but fortunately City’s favourite hipster could continue on.

After a few back passes to the keeper, City eventually gave the ball away resulting in Le Fondre looking for the Balfours sausage roll stand and Brilliante shooting further wide than my Baba at target practice. Even Paulo Retre attempted a back heel after receiving a beautiful ball in from the latest Socceroos superstar, Rhyan Grant. Unfortunately no one was able to live up to the standards of the yoof of Sydney.

Early in the first half Lachlan Wales receives a poor clearance from Sydney’s defence and tried to bang one in. Clearly no one’s told Lachie that you shouldn’t go in hard in the box immediately.

While Scott Jamieson continued his usual bitching, telling the referees how to do their job, City still couldn’t get their slippery feet on much of the ball. Jamieson even sending in a great ball to Wales who still just couldn’t get a good touch on it. I haven’t seen so many poor touches in and around the box since my last date.

Both teams struggling in the final third, with plenty of exciting build up play but just cannot finish. Again, as stated above.

Unfortunately for Retre after failing to keep it down (you’re just too young for that over the counter stuff lad) he was subbed off for another young super cute lad by the name of Danny De Silva.

De Silva starting to turn into somewhat of a cult super sub made immediate excitement however Melbourne City had picked up.

With Redmayne still performing like f*cking Neuer, Sydney FC were determined to maintain their clean sheet. Although sometimes it’s alright not to keep clean sheets if it’s a wild finish..

As Sydney FC found a space to play through, they were unfortunate to be denied by Galekovic but even more unfortunate for Le Fondre to be denied by the left goal post in an open goal. I’m pretty sure I saw the post move a few steps inwards Adam, it’s okay.

Both teams continued to play a fight for offsides, keeping those stats men and women in a job. Mitch Austin included in this stat, playing a little rusty coming back from injury. I think he still may be a little exhausted from the heavy workload of last season’s E-League.

City started showing their desperation as Nathaniel Atkinson received a yellow for hitting Milos in the abdominal area. An absolute disgrace for anyone to touch Ninkobae.

With 15 minutes left on the clock, Vidosic was the next to foul Ninkovic. Everybody wants a piece of Ninkovic.

However a few minutes later it was Ninkovic doing the fouling as he tugs Bart Schenkeveld’s shirt upon defending in the box. To be fair, we all wanted to see what’s underneath the beautiful Dutch man’s kit. It was a soft tug but still a tug and if you give it a tug in the box, you gotta go down.

The Ref gives $ity a penalty, Riley Mcgree steps up to spot. But holy shit balls, Neuer (Redmayne) saves the pen. No one there on the rebound and Sydney get it out of the area. Whatever Sydney FC have done to Redmayne, I would like to know if I can purchase it in bulk.

As Simon Hill said in the 85th minute, Le Fondre “finds the gap and seals the deal” by beating both Atkinson and Galekovic to finish the match 2 – 0 for the Sky Blues.

Sydney FC will celebrate their clean sheet and prepare for their trip to Brisbane on Friday night while Melbourne City head home for a mid-table clash against Adelaide United on Saturday night.

By Rose Valente

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