Joy to the world, the Derby has come, let WSW receive her win


Round 6 of the Dub and honestly is there anything better than a Sydney Derby?! 

Congratulations to Erica Halloway who is the first W-League Wanderer to reach 50 games for the club.

The Wanderers are just a point behind Sydney FC in third and in a fixture that’s seen those in Sky Blue dominate, could the Red and Black of Western Sydney capitalise on their home ground advantage and bag the three points? With names such as Siemsen, Foord, Ibini and Logarzo in the starting XI for Sydney FC, in my opinion it should be a win for the Sky Blues.

I should know by now to never go off stats/ form etc. Sure enough it was Amy Harrison who found the back of the net in the 4th minute to put the home side ahead. Then it was Cooney-Cross in the 7th, tapping in a beautiful ball from Lynn Williams.

Seven minutes, two goals for the Wanderers. Not to downplay that incredible start but safe to say the Sky Blues were looking a little shell shocked and their turnovers were not helping their cause.

Entering the first half hour and the pressure was mounting on Sydney FC’s defence.
Sydney FC really need to lift, losing possession quite easily with each passing minute which was only boosting the confidence the Wanderers were gaining. 

Cooney-Cross decided “I want a brace” and boy did she deliver in the 42nd! With a beautiful strike from the top of the box low into the bottom corner and poor Bledsoe had no chance.

The 44th gave Sydney FC a solid chance to pin one back, off a decent free kick by Alanna Kennedy but it was straight to Smith’s waiting hands.

Half time and the Wanderers look unstoppable being 3-0 up, could the Wanderers find a couple more or will the Sky Blues dig deep and get themselves into the match?

The start of the second half looked to even up the contest a little at least in possession, but the girls in Sky Blue still couldn’t find their mojo. It was Sayer who tried to make something happen for Sydney FC in the 64th but there was not enough power in her shot and it was no trouble for Smith. 

Amy Sayer played in Chloe Logarzo in the 66th but her shot too was straight to Smith, trying to curl it into the goal. With few chances for the Sky Blue it was crucial that they try score when the opportunity arises. It was Williams down the other end on the counter with an open goal from a great long ball from Staab but her shot was wide.

Lynn Williams finally got her goal after having a massive game for the Wanderers in the 76th after a beautiful cutback from Hamilton BUT on replay it was offside but as we know, no VAR in the Dub so the goal stands.

4-0 for the Red and Black and surely it’s game over!
If you’re watching the Sydney Derby for the first time you’d think Sydney FC were terrible, but nope. Heading into this game they were second and are a quality side, what happened? I have no idea.

Perhaps the Red and Black portion of Sydney have found their groove under Dean Heffernan.
Looking at the clock, four minutes of regulation to go and it was quickly becoming a case of “Please put Sydney FC out of their misery man.”

(Must be the heat or the Christmas season but yes that is me feeling sorry for the Sky Blues).

To add to their misery though Lynn Wiliams in the 87th worked around Bledsoe and slot it into the far bottom corner.


Wow. What a game! The fourth official signalled five minutes of stoppage time, could the Wanderers find another goal?

In short, no they couldn’t but with five goals to the good it wasn’t necessary. Well done to the Wanderers, what a Christmas present indeed. As for the ladies in Sky Blue I am sure they will bounce back. 

By Jakie Manevski

Featured image by Ann Odong

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