Kaleigh Kurtz the sore nose defender, had a very good game, and if you ever saw it, you would even say it sucked for Adelaide


What was a great game between Adelaide and Canberra, this weekend, only brought Christmas cheer one team. And it was Canberra United who walked away from Marsden Park with 3 points, and cementing 4th place on the ladder for another W-league round.

Canberra being the favourites to take this win, were still challenged by United. A side with talent and refusal to give up so easily. 

The game kicked off, a smokey atmosphere set the scene, due to the majority of our sun (and I cannot stress this enough) burnt country of Australia, , burning to the ground, while our leader enjoys the glory of another Island in the Pacific that, ISN’T on fire…but enough about politics, back to the match.

Bush fires HAVE threatened to cut rounds short, due to poor air quality and temperature levels rising. By some miracle, we still had this match go ahead, with water breaks enforced in-between the two halves. 

As we watch the two sides battle it out, Canberra looked to be alert, in the high Adelaide temperatures, but the Reds were not too far behind, pressing high. The first chance of a goal coming from young Mary Fowler, running right around Canberra Goalkeeper, Sham Kharmis, and almost scoring, until the ball was dealt with by the Canberra defence. 

Waiting eagerly for either side to score, it was Canberra who respond to Adelaide’s hunger to score early, by getting a goal for themselves.

A goal by the eldest Khamis sister, Leena, puts Canberra into the lead within the first 10 minutes. This goal being her first goal in Green and 42nd in her W-league career. 

Adelaide responded soon after, from a perfect free kick, and with 3 glorious first touches, another moment of hesitation shot through Keeper Khamis. 

It looked to be certain that Adelaide would be making it 1 – 1, but a clearance by Olivia Price sends the ball well away from crossing the line, giving Adelaide an opportunity to catch their breath (or at least try to, in all this smog)

As we head into the second half, Adelaide continue to try and sway the scoreline, attacking well but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere past the goal line, for the Reds. 

Now, we can’t really say that Adelaide have been bad, because they haven’t. They’ve actually been quite bloody entertaining to watch, but have been struck with a case of bad luck, each round. 

Coming up against key sides like the Wanderers, Sydney FC, Melbourne City and now Canberra, only to lose by a single point, there is proof that the Reds can hold their own against big and dangerous sides, but are struggling to finish on top.

Speaking of struggling, after an attempt to stop the flow of blood in the first half, it seemed that Kaleigh Kurtz was also unable to catch a break from a continuously bleeding nose. Taking notes from the rest of the A-League and Daniel Georgievski, the ‘never give up’ attitude was strong in Kurtz, as her nose was actually tapped up by medics, to stem the flow of blood, and ran her way back onto the pitch, to ensure she saw out the full 90. 

Continuing on, Canberra made sure the 3 points were there’s, as the second goal came late in the game. Blind panic amongst the Adelaide United defenders, a scramble for the ball going very wrong, and Hayley Taylor-Young makes it 2 – 0. 

Minutes before the final whistle, Emily Condon ensured that her side would leave the grounds, at least with a goal. Scoring on the 93rd minute, in injury time, it just was no where near enough for United to somehow make it a draw. 

The results, 2 – 1, another unlucky finish for the Reds but another strong finish for Canberra United. A confidence boost as they come up against a strong and threatening 2nd place, the Western Sydney Wanderers (my mob, if you have been living under a rock)

As for Radeladie, as I said, they have held their own very well against the powerhouses of the league. 3 points will come, all in due time.

By Christina Trajceska

Featured image by Nic (@LittleBlinky on Twitter)

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