Kilkenny Could Find A Needle In A Haystack If It Were Making Forward Runs


Perth Glory hosted the Newcastle Jets on a Sunday evening with more than one point to prove. 

With how the current Perth Glory team have been communicating and playing together, the trip to Perth is more daunting than ever. The Newcastle Jets haven’t quite been able to back up their Premiership season, falling quite low on the table.

The first 15 minutes saw some brilliant end to end football. The Jets were aware Perth were prepared to throw everything but the kitchen sink at them.

It only took until the 15th minute for Keogh to rev up the fans with a lovely finish. Kilkenny finding Castro waiting in the area, with quick thinking passed it to his left as Jets goalkeeper Moss was approaching, Keogh receiving and regardless of pressure from the defenders, slotted it home.

While it continued as a Perth Glory domination, the Jets weren’t without their chances. O’Donovan with a hell of a run was their first exciting chance however there wasn’t anything he could do about the fast paced Lowry and the seven men catching up to barricade the area.

Surprising to those not at the match, due to the intensity from both teams, it was so hot they were required to take drinks breaks.

Perth Glory continued to dominate possession and put more pressure on Moss than Nonna when you’re 25 and single.

With more signs that the Perth Glory team are immortal, Davidson nearly scores after receiving a short corner. A little later Keogh nearly scores from a bicycle kick. All we’re missing is the Perth Glory mascot to pitch invade, milk a penalty and score from the spot.

A slow end to the first half was forced as Juande and Ridenton collided and did some temporary damage to the shins and knees. Nothing serious, but have you ever copped a hit to the shin? Hecking painful.

Perth Glory came out blazing in the second half with Kilkenny extending his heroics in the first half. Finding himself in a perfect position just outside of the box with space, he bent his shot like Beckham to make it 2-0.

As we progressed into the second half, Popa’s classic tiki taka made an appearance. Perth Glory parking the bus like a grandma who hasn’t been for an eye test in years trying to parallel park. However they didn’t have to push too hard in doing so as Newcastle Jets were still quite sloppy.

Chianese was subbed on in the second half with little of a job to do, but that didn’t stop him. Joel with plenty of forward runs however receiving more offsides than he does Instagram followers every time he scores.

The Jets had more than a few chances but there was little they could do to get past the Glory defenders who constantly had them outnumbered and outrun.

Dimi Petratos created many chances for the Jets as well as his usual set piece duties after being subbed on in the second half. Unfortunately for the Jets, they were unable to convert any.

Towards the end both teams got a little restless, Spiranovic was accused of a handball in the box and Castro on the other end was frustrated by a deflected shot in the 88th minute missed by the referee, not awarding his rightfully deserved corner. Not that they were in desperation of a goal but with how the table stands, it may be helpful in the long run.

Perth Glory are now happily back on the top of the table and unfortunately, the Jets have a lot of work to do as they sit just outside of the 6.

By Rose Valente

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