King Kosta goes full Cobra


Well, for some reason the stars have aligned in a weird manner and the universe has chosen me to write an article about the two teams I cannot stand, the most…The universe works in mysterious ways, aye?

ALAS, the Big Blue happened in Melbourne town, this round. The Sky blues, who are top of the table, jetted down to Victoria and made it known, that they were also bringing down an old friend. 

Cobra- I MEAN KOSTA, Kosta Barbarouses. The former Navy blue bloke who $witched $ideS, for rea$on$ unknown.

But onto the actual 90 minutes of this Derby, which was quite entertaining but also hard to watch, as a WSW supporter who is sitting at the bottom of the ladder and hates the world. I will try to recount it as best as I can (Admittedly, I got sick of the torture and switched to watching the Great Australian Bake Off…yes, that was far more entertaining to me. I am now excited to stress bake profiteroles, this weekend) 

The first half was a tussle between the two, a pitch scattered with Navy and Sky Blue, both fighting for the first point. 

Lawrence Thomas saving a few *chef’s kiss* noice shots that threatened the scoreline. But 26 minutes in, Victory’s defense tumbled and so did the ball, right out of Thomas’ reach, and the first goal came from, who else, but Adam Le Fondre. 

The first half was not completely on sided, there were a few attempts by the Victory, to level the playing field, but a few weak shots from Kruse, a struggle to keep the ball on target by Toivonen, the first half ended in frustration for the Melbourne Victory. 

Second half kicked off, and it was a moment of Deja Vu. 

Another simple tap in by Sydney, this time coming from former Victory man, Kosta Barbarouses. All fingers point to the goalscorer, as Sydney FC lead 2 – 0, away from home. 

The painful 90 minutes continue for the Victory, as no goals come, yet a third and final goal comes from Sydney FC, to claim bragging rights, as well as another 3 points that cements 1st place, even further. And this time, the man who joins Le Fondre and Barbarouses, on the score sheet, is Alexander Baumjohann.

A goal is not the only thing that the German received, oh no, indeed. 

A fumble and fight between Broxham, led to a red card for both players. And as a WSW supporter, it brought me great joy to see our own, former, Red and Black player, walk through the tunnel early…mwahahaha, AAAAAAHAHAHA, AAAAAAAAAAHHH- ….anyway. 

The final whistle goes and the Big Blue belongs to Sydney FC once again, and well deserved to a side that has been constant and strong, throughout the competition, as well as over the last couple of seasons (it hurts so much to say that) 

As for the Victory, still winless for the Victorian club, as they enter a new age of Carlos Pérez Salvachúa, at the helm. 

Only time will tell, if one of the biggest clubs in the league, can find their way back to the top.

By Christina Trajceska

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