Kurto Could Save A Cat After It Gets Hit By Car On Ninth Life


So the Nix are back to winning again, “long pins” will be happy with this one, wont he?

After last weeks comeback against my Red and Black (losers) mob, it doesn’t seem to be going City’s way this time round. Another game in the Cake Tin and another 3 points to be given to the Wellington Phoenix, as City head back to their seagull infested stadium with nothing.

It really makes ya think, if City could thrash the Wanderers with a 4 – 3 comeback result…but they can’t beat the Nix…god, we must suck so bad…

Alright, enough about my problems. Let’s deal with City’s.

The game started off and we’re seeing a similar style of play from City, and it’s called the ‘not being able to keep possession’ style of play. A frustrating half as Melbourne can’t seem to find a way to kick the ball into Wellingtons half. As for Wellington though, 4 minutes in and David Williams gives Galekovic something to think about, with a classy volley to put the Nix into the lead, 1 – 0.

Over the next 40 minutes, we just continue to see a lively Wellington Phoenix continuing to attack the City goals with no mercy, and keeping possession. David Williams, along with Tom Doyle, continue to put themselves in the right place and the right time, to attempt to convert a cross, a through ball, whatever ball to come their way, into another goal for their side. The home team putting a lot of pressure on the team in Red and White, this match. (My god, it’s been a while since we’ve seen them in those stripes)

Second half kicks off and we’re starting to see some fire from Melbourne City, getting more chances in Wellingtons half of the pitch.

On the 73rd minute, I think we all thought that this goal was going in, and City were going to start to fire up after, what we thought would be the draw… but now it all makes sense, this is why Kurto has been jumping around for sh*ts and giggles over the last couple weeks. He’s been revving himself up for this moment, to deny the goal from City. WHAT A CRACKER of a save!

81st minute, he saves another goal and then magically saves another on the 82nd by awkwardly star jumping in front of Najjar. An unreal performance from a skillful and smart ass keeper.

If we take a second to move our attention away from the game for a minute and acknowledge the volume of the Nix active support at this moment of the game. Shirts off, clapping and cheering for their team in the Wellington wind tunnel that is known as Westpac Stadium, mate, they’re louder than the RBB has been over the last 2 seasons. And they have every right to be loud and proud, because the performance from the Nix, this season, is something that you only hear in fairytales, but this one has become a reality.

The Phoenix have sealed 5th for the time being, only a point under Melbourne City, and are up against the Glory next round, who they drew against with a 1 – 1 result.

Anything is possible this season, anything (except my team winning).

Mark Rudan, the man, is a champion. For what he has done in the first season of managing the Wellington Phoenix, is remarkable and historic for the club, a club that has struggled for so long, that now deserve ever win that comes their way.

But let’s see how Tony Popovic’s side do against Rudan in the next round.

By Christina Trajceska

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