Kurz Isn’t Hurt By The Lack Of Striker


I sit writing this as the latest victim of The Ladies League injury curse, a broken finger for me! The TLL need to have a good recruitment process in the January transfer window as much as Adelaide United.

It’s United’s second game in four days, both games played in the typical Australian summer heat, will fatigue play a role tonight? Elsey seeing red last week Is Regan’s fortune and he is back in the starting eleven, Ilso and Strain also finding themselves back in the starting eleven. Blackwood is back in the squad following his recovery from a broken collarbone.

United came out like it was a possession based, passing practice drill. O’Donovan is out there to show everyone he is back with a few early chances that are defended well, United having the same problem at their end, but that’s hardly new….

United’s moment comes in the 38th minute when Mileusnic is in the right spot at the right time with Halloran’s flick over Moss hitting the post and Mileusnic taps it in. Moss’ day get worse as he cops a boot across his thigh just before half time, with some interesting patch work he makes it through two more minutes before he is subbed off at half time for Italiano. I then spend the second half singing the lyrics to “Mambo Italiano” (maybe it’s my pain relief kicking in).

With both keepers keeping their team in that match with some fabulous saves, in the 67th minute O’Donovan finally manages to put one past Izzo, but it was not meant to be a late flag from the linesman for offside, United are let of the hook and it remains one – nil. However, nine minutes later O’Donovan manages to convert his first goal for the season, from a nice cross from Shepard. A good note for O’Donovan, but a sad time for United supporters, are we going to watch it slip away again….

United are looking as hungover as we will all look on New Year’s day at this point, moving slowly and going back to possession based short passing. Kurz’s notes are in German but I’m pretty sure they say something along the lines of “I have no players left” there are at least four players out there that are struggling and hoping to sub off, it might come down to rock, paper, scissors. Galloway is the lucky one and is the final sub, with Marrone coming on at the 87th minute.

However it turns out United are not finished yet, with a little help from Boogard (United obviously still has a part of his heart) he trips Kitto in the 90th, and gives away a penalty. Goodwin steps up and scores! United up 2-1. TLL take this opportunity to promote their awesome merchandise, get your Goodwin t-shirt here; https://theladiesleague.com/product/goodwin-tee/

United supporters have to bite their nails through four long minutes of extra time….Finally it’s all over, a win on the road to United, a much, much needed three points!

By Michelle Reid

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