Le Fondre Eats Sausage Rolls For Breakfast


Sydney FC met the underdogs Brisbane Roar at Jubilee Oval for their final match of 2018.

We weren’t sure what to expect from this match as Brisbane Roar’s Coach, John Aloisi, had resigned the day prior to game day.

In stepped in interim coach Darren Davies, but still keeping the heated Aloisi (Ross) on the staff, now with nobody to hold him back.

While we all thought Sydney had this game in the bag with Brisbane possibly as confused as the rest of the league each time the Nix have won a match this season – but instead the Roar were aggressively fighting for their spots in the starting eleven.

This match started with exciting end to end football. Luckily for the fans within the compact stadium, they could enjoy all of this without binoculars (read between the lines that’s a dig at the SCG).

A beautiful cross from Zullo to Le Fondre’s head opened the scoring for the boys in sky blue. A promising lead for a side that has been a little up and down recently.

Brisbane didn’t allow the sausage roll loving English-man to steal their thunder though. Just over half an hour into the game, Matt McKay responded with an unorthodox scoring position. What looked to be a hand scored goal at first glance turned out to be a chest scored goal. Controversial as all hell as Corica still believed it was hand ball post match and that the goal should not have stood. Like c’mon Bimbi, you really can’t see the replays on those massive screens at Jubilee Stadium?

At 1-1 neutral fans everywhere thought “Oh shit, now we have a game on our hands”. It was at this point of the match John Aloisi began poking needles into his Brisbane Roar voodoo doll. There was no way they were beating Sydney FC in their first John-less match.

In the second half, Milos Ninkovic continued a different type of magic, the magic of the midfield. In the 55th minute Siem de Jong, Siem-de-Gone-Wide to Ninkovic who cut it back to Le Fondre all to embarrass the crap out of Jamie Young, forced into a situation much similar to John Aloisi, conceding to the high earning internationals.

Further into the match the spirit of Brisbane Roar continued. Giving light and glimmers of hope to the Roar faithful who had given up on their A-League team some time ago.

In the 81st minute Aaron Calver clips the back of Taggart’s pending-killing Achilles inside the box with what has to be seen as a lighter touch than the last time I was forced to stroke a cat. Calver conceding a penalty was lucky it wasn’t worse as he was already sitting on a yellow card.

Controversially the VAR stepped in and re-confirmed Alex King’s decision to point to the spot. I mean, it took as long as the line for the ladies toilets at a W-League match to come to that conclusion, but it got done.

After the confirmation, Taggart steps up for his penalty AND REDMAYNE SAVES IT?! Red-f*cking-mayne you beauty.

Sydney FC ended 2018 on a high and Brisbane Roar, well they can travel home with their heads held high to be honest because they played a cracker of a match. Next up for the boys in blue is the Mariners at home while Brisbane also at home, host Perth Glory.

By Rose Valente

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