Local Myer Has Sale On Wooden Spoons In Western Sydney


After the intense couple of days New Zealand has had, I haven’t got much of a bad thing to say. But first and foremost, the most important thing to say before we review this match, is to send my love and support to the New Zealand community and the Muslim community both in NZ and all round.

Just like the beautiful game, there is no race, there is no religion and we preach for unity beyond the 90 minutes. My love, our love, goes out to all effected.

Now to brighten things up, the Phoenix against an 8th place Western Sydney. Sister cities with a history of banter and a slight rivalry (face it, everyones a bloody rival in this league, there’s only 10 of us, gotta make it bloody interesting with some sort of tension, don’t we?)

To get the ball rolling (Literally), we received a goal in the first 10 minutes, one that made me want to crack open the Captain Morgan and have a nice cup of HERE WE F*CKING GO AGAIN. A wonderful steal from Krishna and a nice goal from a tricky angle, for the Nix, which even made our fellow Kiwi commentator struggle to find words.

This was all followed by a wonderful tribute which mirrored Kosta Barbarouses and his celebration last night, for the Muslim community in New Zealand. Another wonderful and classy celebration for those who need our support in the darkest hour.

As I pour myself another glass or 4, the Nix crack another 2 during the game to make it 3 – 0, very early on. And as my will to bother watching the entire match crumbles, I find myself retreating to a nice game of Assassins Creed Odyssey (I finally cracked it and got the damn game on sale, cheapskate, I know), and regularly checked in on the scoreline, twitter updates and the banter filled abuse my own boss was giving me on the TLL twitter page, scrolling to see what sorta picture of me has been turned into a meme, this round.

Lo and behold….

Glorious work of art, aren’t I? If you look REAL CLOSE, into my eyes, you can see how empty I am.

Back to the match, we’re falling apart while the Nix pick up the pieces and use them to their own benefit. Just as we think we had some sort of luck, we screw that up too with a penalty shot going wide for our German import, Baumjohann. Not quite sure what’s happening with the bloke, he seemed so promising and full of life at the beginning of the season but since injury and Manager, Babbel, mentioned he wasn’t showing his full potential in training either, it’s looking grim for him (and may I add and state the obvious, for the whole club too)

Moving on towards the dying minutes, the Duke of Parramatta gives us a hand and makes it 3 – 1. Nothing too classy to make a comeback but at least someone who deserves a goal next to his name has something to add to his resume.

Nix are now in the top 4, a promising position and one they very much deserve after their grand performance this season. As smug as ya bastards can get, I think I would never shut up about it too if I was in your position. WELL EARNT!

As for my lot… you know the drill.

I love them, but they’re killing me.

By Christina Trajceska

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