Man The Same Nationality As Messi Stuns Australian Spectators

Australia’s newest citizen, Marcelo Carrusca put on a masterclass doing textbook Argentinean things with his feet.

Marcelo Carrusca with his first start of the season with his newest A-League club, just hitting 3 clubs in the A-League bingo. We believe Gombau lured Carrusca to the Western suburbs of Sydney with promises of starting, freedom in the midfield and extra long siestas. While he’s still waiting to have a proper siesta due to Western Sydney currently experiencing hellish warm weather, his midfield is open for play.

Carrusca with credentials suited to Fox Sports of a Barcelona connection, having breathed the same air as Messi at some point in his life in the streets of Argentina, sent ‘WOW’s through the commentary air-waves. He did a little thing with his feet where the ball kinda went around and did things and my lord were the general public impressed “You know he was born in the same country as Messi?!” we heard a small child tell his friend.

While Carrusca was still under the impression he was playing in a derby, not quite realising he no longer plays for Adelaide, the rest of the team sucked harder than a young girl with daddy problems.

There were heavy touches, poor decision making and sloppy turnovers. And that was just from the canteen ladies serving sausage rolls. The players however just plain sucked. While Janjetovic struggling to dominate his box was awfully anti-climatic for us over at TLL, Riera hitting the bar early sounded good to us until we realised what that actually meant.

Across the bench Musky’s men were just a little less shit. Victory took home three points and three goals with Barbarouses causing us to pick up our jaws after smashing one deep into the box.

While Gombau endeavors to re-create a small Catalan city, Musky can walk into the Big Blue with new levels of smug on his face.

Man The Same Nationality As Messi Stuns Australian Spectators
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