Marinovic keeps the Nix safe between the sticks


An impressive Wellington Phoenix side take on a struggling Newcastle Jets. Ufuk Talay looks for another 3 points, to put his boys further up the ladder, and they most definitely succeed at doing so.

The game kicks off at Sky stadium, and it doesn’t take too long for both sides to kick start the pressure. Newcastles, Millar, just scaves the side netting, narrowly missing an early goal.

Nix start to return the pressure on Newcastles half, with a shot, 5 minutes in, challenging Jets goalkeeper, Italiano.

As the Jets look for an opening, they begin to crumble in their defence, faster than baba’s homemade filo pastry.

Structure begins to falter and strength begins to disappear, but not before a cracker of a shot to jump start the boys back up, before half time.

A second shot from Millar, and another frustrating ball off target, does bring confidence to the Jets, but still leaves the first half, at Wellington advantage. 1 – 0.

Second half welcomes more goals, as the tables turn. It’s Wellingtons turn to completely lose their blardy bearings and allow the Jets to tear the defence apart. Arroyo with the equaliser, and the scoreline shifts.

1 – 1, on the 65th.


Only MINUTES later (that’s how long it takes for the tables to turn, flip, crumble, fly all over the place and be smashed to pieces, in this league), Wellington rise like a Phoenix from the ashes (see what I did there?) and young Davila scores, sending Italiano the wrong way, to make it 2 – 1.

The next exciting chance to make it levelled again, comes from an absolutely thrilling shot from Thurgate, but the Guardian of Wellingtons goals, Stefan Marinovic, leaps with all his strength, to keep the Nix in front.

He does it again in the 94th minute, a contender for save of the blardy season, with a parry off the line of the goals. It sends the ball away for a clearance, and the whistle blows to finish what had been an entertaining second half of football.

Wellington take away the 3 points, and the Jets suffer another tough defeat, after a strong last performance.

By Christina Trajceska 

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