Matt Simon Embarrasses Brownwater Bay FC

In a FFA Cup Grand Final rematch Sydney FC faced Adelaide United on Sunday evening in front of a member’s only crowd during Member Appreciation/Kick It For Brain Cancer Round.

While the wounds were still fresh and the boo’s came in thick and fast for Michael Marrone, Adelaide United played with aspirations of redemption. For about 40 minutes.

The first 40 minutes of the match were reminiscent of Adelaide United circa 15/16 season, enjoyable to watch and maintaining stronger protection in the box than a virgin at a night club for the first time. Until Matt Simon came along that is. Matt Simon came and did Matt Simon things. Unable to find their serum to close off the Wizard of Woy Woy, Adelaide conceded and advanced to the half way line with their heads down.

Adelaide’s half time talk must’ve been along the lines of “You conceded to Matt Simon, you’re all dead to me” as the second half wasn’t much prettier.

While Mileusnic continued to run really fast and Blackwood continued to not really do much, it was just too easy for Zullo and co.

Meanwhile, Bobo was off breaking records. As we all know Sydney FC are on a mission to create their own A-League Panini Book and collect all the records in one season. We understand Milos Ninkovic is also in the running to break other records, being Sydney FC’s first entry to the GQ sexiest men while Jordy Buijs is in training for the next Arnold Body Building Comp.

Sydney completed their dominance on the pitch with an effortless 3-0 Victory over the reds. Arnie selfishly took home the three points even though his team did not necessarily require them. “It’s about breaking records guys, we’re not a charity. It would’ve been like giving these peasants a participation trophy if we handed them the three points.” Graham Arnold explained in his post match press conference.

Sydney FC now prepare for their Friday the 13th match against the coach who makes us all scared to the core, not due to his excellent managerial skills but purely for the fact of his mere presence. Whereas Adelaide return to Sydney this Sunday to play against the other blokes over in the West. Adelaide have secured their fifth place and are now playing for pride/keeping the Wanderers out of the six.

Matt Simon Embarrasses Brownwater Bay FC
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