Melbourne City can do it on a warm Brisbane evening and we’re all screwed


This game City start by sitting 2nd on the ladder and Roar are sitting 4th. City started off very strong with a cross from Catley, it comes off Arnold and ends up at Mijatovic’s feet. She doesn’t wait for a first touch but instead takes a shot immediately.

Knowing that girl’s luck with goals, she made it 1-0 city’s way. Yallop tries to score the equaliser while Williams is out of goals. Yallop tries to chip her but some how being the legend Williams is, catches it and stop the equaliser. But I’m telling ya if she didn’t catch it, it would’ve been 1-1 because that was going in, that was completely on target!

Ellie draws Emily Van Egmond out with a cross that was right in front of goal but it just wasn’t enough. It appears that Emily was just too short for this one… well thats a first because this woman is literally a giraffe. Can we appreciate Celeste Boureille’s defence in this game as she blocks a shot from Emslie that was bound to go in. She really saves roar’s ass with that one. Talking about saving roar’s ass, Arnold does the same thing and freaks when Mijatovic shoots again. Lucky Mijatovic was unsuccessful with that one.

Now I swear Raso somehow ends us on the ground every single game. I swear they have it in for her, to injure her every week. That poor girl gets so much shit. She took a shot that went right off the crossbar. So unlucky, it didn’t go straight into the back of the net. She tries so so hard every single game and she honestly deserves so much. 

Yallop collides with old teammate Williams as she goes for goal. Raso headers that rebound and to be completely honest, Raso’s header was going in because Williams was still getting to her feet from the previous save. Stott jumped into goals at the right time and headed that ball right away from it being 2-0. She really took one for the team, saved the day for Melbourne City and made shit happen. 

This game was legit back and fourth with shots and Rylee Baisden took a shot thinking it was goal bound but I guess not… instead it was more like crossbar bound. Then back to roar and Yallop with another shot, looking for a goal and a strong header but Williams says ‘NOPE’ and yes saves it, again.

Carpenter’s 3rd yellow card of the season came when she went on a Matilda rivalry, head to head with Raso and pulled her shirt which ended up with both girls in a mess lying in the middle of the pitch. I was kind of disappointed with Ellie’s performance today butttt I low-key think she’s sick. She was coughing the whole game so I reckon she can get away with a poor performance from that. And I was only just telling my mum that I think she should get subbed off because she really wasn’t doing much good for the team. And guess what happened as I was saying it… she finally got subbed off. 

I had to take a second look and watch it twice when Catley stepped up to take the pen when Gorry made Aivi fall over in the box. I swear Gorry just doesn’t care where she is, she’ll push and shove anyone, anywhere. I literally thought either she’d score or Arnold would save it. My bad… neither happened and Catley missed the goal completely and made Macca dive for no good reason. Now lets talk about how Polks literally has a good game, every game. Well today she took an amazing shot from at least 30 metres out. But it just so happens that Williams made an even better save and being the keeper she is, saved City’s ass once again. 

I was wondering which team was going to score the next goal, it was a pretty good game to watch. But I didn’t have to wait long. Mijatovic to Luik! It was an amazing overlap. Luik shoots and suddenly it’s 2-0 City’s way! And yes it was definitely not a one-sided game because then Pickett was having the time of her life. She was always creating opportunities and taking shots. Geez I love that gal!

And to end the game off, the look on my mum’s face when I was jumping up and down in my living room with my roar jersey screaming ‘GO MEEKS! SHOOT MEEKS!’ Was priceless. You could see that she wanted to end the game off on a high and try and score for her team but I think she left it too long to shoot and missed her chance. That was a game full of opportunities for both teams and really it could’ve been anyones game. But yes City came out on top with 3 points to add and now sit 1st on the leaderboard.

By Gabby Campbell

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