Melbourne City do it for Noone


You lot thought you had seen the last of Negative Nancy in Red and Black, aye? GUESS WHO’S FECKIN BACK AND READY TO COMPLAIN SOME MORE, ABOUT THE CLUB SHE HAS CHOSEN TO GIVE HER LOYATY TO!?

Right off the bat, I didn’t watch the first half, I was working the remainder of my afternoon shift before skipping home in the rain and then wanting to go back outside and stand it in, when I walked into a 1 – 0 lead, to then shortly afterwards, have it turn to 2 – 0.

The formation shocked me, seeing a 4 – 4 – 2, an old school style of play with Georgievski and Kamau playing on the far wings of our front two, Mo Adam and Yeboah up front, with Majewski and baby Baccus playing far behind, in the midfield. I was hoping I would be wrong but when the notification buzzed through on my phone at work, mid roundhouse kick to my ribs, I suddenly felt like the kicks to the ribs we’re going to be a lot less painful, than this match result.

I was right.

The first goal was a hell of a flashback, a deja vu of the blunder that Janjetovic pulled off in Brisbane, last season. Lopar, taking notes and chasing the ball that would have been better off going over the line, only to fumble it and give away a costly goal.

“Noone” scored… I really do wish NO ONE scored but here we are… 1 – 0 down.

Then just when you thought nothing could sting more, Jamie Mclaren decides to pull one of the most glorious goals I have seen in the FFA Cup so far (apart from the legendary goal by Majewski, against Sydney United, a few weeks ago). 2 – 0 now, I’ve given up, even though our lovely, hopeful commentators say we still have a chance to return from the depths of hell. Bless ya both, for having the positivity I SHOULD have.

Even though we slightly began to step it up towards the dying 10 minutes of the match, and Mo Adam had a chance to at least pull off a shot that would make it 2 – 1, Noone decided to put the last nail in the coffin and score the final goal to make it 3 – 0, to send City into the Semi Finals.

What we can take away from tonight;

Throw the  4 – 4 – 2 formation out the damn window, throw Georgievski back into a defensive mid position, put 3 strikers up in an attacking formation, NEVER run for the damn ball, if you can see it rolling out of play near the goals, again! And have someone near the FOX Sports field mics, to chase away seagulls, because that’s all I heard 95% of the match. Just those bastards squawking into the mics, like they were the real active support for the night.

Congrats to City, you’re made another FFA semi, as for my time in the cup, it’s over.

So now, I’m going to jump ship, throw on an Adelaide United kit, and head towards the Central Coast, to yell between the shade of the palm trees and kick it with the sauce bottles, middle finger pointing to the sky, and all.

By Christina Trajceska

Featured Image by Aleksandar Jason

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