Melbourne City Get It Done On A Cold, Wet Night In Leichhardt


Can Melbourne City get it done on a cold, wet night in Leichhardt? Yes, yes they can.

The sky blue derby started about as exciting as a visit to the gynaecologists, with an amazing amount of similarities if I’m completely honest. It was cold, uncomfortable and a little stale. The most exciting thing about this match was the possession. That’s right, we’re getting excited about possession, strap yourself in.

Early on, Anthony Caceres who’s taken styling tips from Brosque, had the most exciting chance. Excitement in this stale match as Caceres pushes into the area but Rostyn Griffiths saved City from going down too early.

It’s to be noted that Melbourne City’s defence were quite solid. Other than La Rocca fouling for fun, but it wouldn’t be La Rocca if he didn’t.

Within the first 20 minutes, unfortunately for Ben Warland, the beast that is Eugene Galekovic collided with him as they were both going for the ball. Warland who has only recently come back after a foot fracture which saw him on the sidelines since the beginning of the season, looked to be in an excruciating amount of pain. He was able to walk off the pitch, but there are concerns that this is yet another injury for the 22 year old centre back and more worrying, some of those concerns are that it is an ACL injury.

Jacob Tratt was subbed on to continue Sydney FC’s agonising half of excessive possession. Unfortunately for spectators, this didn’t change up the style of play.

One of the better chances of the half, well I guess one of the better moments for us to slide to the edge of our seat, was Schenkeveld in a good area. And no I’m not talking about my bedroom, that would be a GREAT area.

In the 40th minute, Schenkeveld got himself right in front of goal (somehow) to receive a pass from Jamie Maclaren in operation on the right (wot you doing out there m8?) but surprisingly, the defender didn’t really know what to do and screwed it up.

As we kick on to the second half of this miserable game on a miserable Sunday night (Mondays, am I right?!) we see the biggest shit talker of the league, Scott Jamieson, needing a toe as he broke his. Thankfully Curtis Good being the good bloke he is provided assistance for Scott.

After an hour of play, we finally got to see a goal. One of the Baccus brothers, I don’t know, the one that plays for City, sends a lovely ball to Harrison who slots it home. The City forwards were playing a little tricky game forcing the defenders out wide with Maclaren. But to be honest, I would follow Maclaren like a headless chook too if I had the opportunity.

The second half sees penalty shouts from Warren Joyce, Zullo charging into a man twice his size and plenty more possession but no idea what to do with it.

In the 78th minute we were blessed with the pleasure of a hell of a deflected goal. After a carefully placed ball onto Harrison’s foot from the left of the field, Harrison went in for a half bicycle as  I like to call it, and volleyed it into the back of the goal. Not before it hit Retre to put his name on the scoresheet as an own goal.

The whistle blows with no shots on target for Sydney FC who have had one of their worst performances in recent times. Melbourne City however are singing to the bank.

By Rose Valente

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