Melbourne City Impress A Few Birds


Remembrance Round was kicked off with Melbourne City hosting the Wellington Phoenix at AAMI Park. The opening few minutes saw the visitors enjoying possession but it didn’t take long for City to score in the 9th minute through a Ritchie de Laet strike outside the box.

It was the spark City needed in front of 6,410 seagulls and a few fans enjoying possession and the momentum shifting in their favour but they couldn’t find the back of the net. The 27th minute saw Roy Krishna dispossess Jamieson and the Nix were on the counter-attack winning a free kick which was tipped over the defensive wall but Galekovic was all over it giving the visitors a corner. The next few minutes saw a tussle between both teams when in the 39th a handball from the Nix’s Mandi gave the home side a golden opportunity just outside the box but Kurto to the rescue saving Fornaroli’s shot.

While we spent a lot of the first half focusing on the things that really matter, Mark Rudan’s interesting suit attire which for the first time including a club badge, the lack of fans on a Friday night in Melbourne and of course the Seagulls. TLL has inside information that a good majority of fans last night went home with influenza due to direct contact with seagulls. We wish all 7 Melbourne City fans a speedy recovery.

The second half saw an early chance for the visitors with a cross from Louis Fenton but City’s defence cleared the danger. Wasn’t through lack of effort by the Nix, Mark Rudan’s men just couldn’t find the back of the net. One man who thankfully did was Bruno Fornaroli, who collected the ball in the 60th minute curling it in, top corner with nothing Kurto could do. Silencing the inner critics in his head by finally getting on the scoresheet this season.

2-0 for City!

The 78th saw Nix’s Kopa send a shot flying over the cross bar, and another opportunity wasted for the visitors. In a blink of an eye, Wellington’s shot stopper Kurto was forced to make another save before the Nix went searching for their goal in the 88th to no avail.

While the Nix continued with their 5-3-2 formation, clouding their area with about the same amount of men as there is in CIty’s active support, they somehow couldn’t score a goal. I wonder why? I mean, if Rudan’s game plan this season is to defend, I would say he didn’t do the greatest of jobs. Losing kind of defeats that strategy.

Somewhere around the 70th – 80th minute (we had honestly tuned out by this point) a poor Seagull took one for the team. Reminiscent of the time in the FFA Cup when Vukovic had to stroke a Seagull back to good health, Tom Doyle kindly gave the Seagull to a ball boy. Because clearly ball boys are as Christina Trajceska is to us, given the shit that no one knows what the hell to do with.

The fourth official signalled six minutes of stoppage time and it took just one minute for City to win a free kick when Doyle fouled Riley McGree outside the box, Dario Vidosic (I swear I can’t keep up with the club changes) went searching for City’s third goal but hit it just over the cross bar.

Full time whistle was blown and it was not to be for Mark Rudan’s men, but the home side were a happy bunch securing the 3 points.

Featured image from the Daily Football Show’s Twitter page.

By Jakie Manevski


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