Melbourne City too Good for the Wanderers’ Cox


Amidst the complete hell that it has been over the last few weeks, we had some positives (not the virus, I’m talking about Football… ya know, being able to watch what’s left, before every game in the leagues goes behind closed doors or is cancelled completely) One of those lovely positives was a draw rather than another loss, the second was debut of 2 young Wanderers, Caluccio and Pagden, and third was a goal coming from young gun defender, Tate Russell.

Yes, the young defender who has been promising and consistent as ever, since his debut, last season, scored his first for the Red and Black. 

And I’m gonna bring that goal up right now, sine it was the first of the game, as well as a wonderful build up play from the Wanderers.

Come the 20th minute, a nice through ball from the Russell was sent to Muller, but it was the return ball back to him, that surprised everyone watching. It was a perfect run, followed by clean and crisp passing and then a perfect shot, to put the Western Sydney Wanderers in front by 1 – 0, in style.

City try to turn things around at their home ground, with Atkinson aiming the ball into the left hand corner of the net, but good ol’ Dani Lopar, like the god of the goals that he is, parries the ball right away from danger. 


Noone made a run for it, in hopes to collect the ball moments later, but came into contact with Russell. From where I was watching (my room, with the shuttered closed, a can of glen 20, hand sanitiser, my RBB scarf tied around my face and enough ArmaForce to last me the winter) I have to say, Noone took advantage of the situation, tumbling into the box like Bruno Fornoroli had mentored him, himself, and a penalty is given. (can you tell how salty I am?) but aye, ya gotta do what ya gotta do, to get your team back into the match.

Anyway, J Mac steps up to the spot, sends the ball down the middle and we’re levelled again. 1 – 1. 

Second half kicks off as the seagulls scatter around the grounds, in true Melbourne Fashion. At least we have a crowd that will always be there to support Melbourne Sporting teams, while everyone else is locked up in quarantine… 

Back to the match though, on the 68th minutes, just when things started to get a little plain Jane, we was the universe play with our very hearts. 

A risky passback followed by a poor header, leaving the ball wide open for Simon Cox to tap the ball OVER the head of Glover, then CHARGING TOWARDS THE GOAL WHILE TWO DEFENDERS FOLLOW CLOSE BEHIND! IT REACHES THE GOAL LINE FOR WHAT LOOKS TO BE THE GOAL OF THE GAME…but I must remind everyone that the universe hates me, so it was collected and cleared from the line by Curtis Good.

… I’m fine. 

There were a handful of attempted to get in front by the WSW boys, many that pressured City and their backline on a number of occasions. The last 15 minutes looked to be more calm and composed for the red and black. City weren’t too far behind with causing a but of havoc for us but the game slowly came to a close, the final whistle is blown, and we have a safe little draw between the two sides.

I’m not entirely disappointed, not as much as I was last we- (looks, I’m not even gonna bring it up, last week never happened) BUT, let me bring up something that is happening…

Depending of if you are reading this prior to a 2pm kick off, we have another Red and Black team participating in a match against another Melbourne City side, today.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s our first Semi Final match in history for our Womens side, so GET TOGETHER FOR THE GIRLS!

Well done to the lads for the draw, now ladies, its your turn to bring it home. 

So in the words of Rose Valente,


By Christina Trajceska

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