Melbourne Victory About As Likely To Finish In The 6 As Greece Is To Qualify

Without a win in the first 6 rounds, is it time for Melbourne Victory to panic?

With their strong Greek and Italian following, we are very concerned about the supporters. Given Greece, Italy and Australia are yet to qualify for the World Cup. Many households in Melbourne are looking to be pitch black during the hours of 10pm – 5am during the June/July months, saving Pappous and Nonnos everywhere a lot on their electricity bills.

Which brings us back to Melbourne Victory. Already with this concern on their shoulders they are now faced with the issue of their local, home supported club falling at a rapid speed towards the part of the ladder no team wants to be. For Australias largest club, this is a massive concern. Investors from the Seafood, Restaurant and Souvlaki Stand industries are panicking. “WHO IS GOING TO BUY OLIANA HALOUMI WHEN IT STINKS, YAMOTO, STINKS” says a local distributor.

The loss of key players to national duties doesn’t help. You’ve got Barbarouses being fanned down by a Peruvian Princess, James Troisi teaching the Socceroos squad where row z is and Mark Milligan just chillin’.

We spoke to George Calombaris (not on a Sunday of course) who watches every match from his 80″ 3D LCD HD Curve TV in his 2.4mil Fitzroy Townhouse due to recent events, and this is what he had to say “I expect the best. I support this team because they are the best. I support Kevin Muscat because he is the best. You know? Back in my dads village they only had one ball, it was like a league! And if you went winless for more than 8 rounds, they threw the team off a cliff. So I mean, Musky’s only got another 2 rounds to get his shit together before a herd of Pappous come after him if you know what I mean *chuckles*”

We didn’t interview Archie Thompson because, well, we’ve quite frankly had enough of him.

This Sunday the Victory boys travel to Perth to try and get the job done well out of their comfort zone. Although with Keogh, Taggart and Castro’s current form, we think there will be plenty more panic to come out of our boys in navy blue.


Melbourne Victory About As Likely To Finish In The 6 As Greece Is To Qualify
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