Melbourne Victory make it a Longo night on the park for the Jets


Victory only went and scored SEVEN goals to bounce back in a big way from their derby loss as both Casey Dumont and Amy Jackson celebrated 100 DUB games each. 

So yeah, Melbourne Victory strolled out onto the pitch, scored seven goals, dominated the game and moved up to third on the table. To say it was a good afternoon for the second-best women’s team in Melbourne in an understatement. 

The Jets barely had time to settle into the match before Annalie Longo scored with a brill header from close range, almost flicking the ball into the net in the 3rd minute after it volleyed towards her. 

A few minutes later and Longo pounced on the Jet’s failure to clear the box, capitalising on Libby Copus-Brown’s poor touch and gliding between Gemma Simon and Hannah Brewer like she had all the space in the world before angling her shot towards the bottom left in the 7th

Despite being 0-2 down so early on the Jets didn’t give up like the score line would suggest. The struggle was just too real, and they couldn’t find that crucial break through. 

Victory on the other hand couldn’t stop/wouldn’t stop. In what can only be described as a power move, Natasha Dowie has cemented her position as a striker who lives rent free in the minds of goalkeepers everywhere after she chipped Claire Coelho in the 33rd to make it 0-3. 

We were treated to some peaches in this game but then there are the goals that aren’t so pretty, but still get the job done. After hitting the woodwork twice and an almost own goal from Coelho, Darian Jenkins settled a goal mouth scramble by heading home Victory’s fourth in the 40th. Fourth goal, lets just let that sink in.


I’m a fan of Coelho so it sucks to see a big score line against her, but I loved her miniseries of saves in the 47th. From her stretching save to deny Angie Beard to following up with quick close-range blocks, Coelho managed to hold off further Victory damage albeit for a brief moment.

Jenkins stayed on trend to head home her second of the afternoon, whipping in Jenna McCormick’s cross from close range in the 59th.

Just to add a little extra salt to the wound, Cassidy Davis put one in the back of her own net in the 69th before Melina Ayres connected with a corner kick in the 83rd as the final nail in the coffin. 

This game was basically a live version of the ‘Stop, stop he’s already dead’ scene from the Simpsons but I know that somewhere out there, in the depths of Melbourne, TLL members Jakie and Taryn are sitting back and loving life. 


By Bree Reidy

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