Melbourne Victory wake up blue after Sydney FC score a few


If you told me in the 20th minute of this match that Sydney FC would go on to be winners with a large scoreline I would’ve literally laughed in your face and called you Robbie Slater.

But alas, Robbie Slater got his way. Conspiracy FC, FFA FC, Yacht FC, Latte Sippers, whatever you want to call them, those blokes in sky blue took home the bragging rights away from home in the Big Blue.

To be honest, I tipped Victory. I thought last weeks confidence would’ve given them enough confidence this week and perhaps Sydney’s is lacking. I was as wrong about this as I was about the game prior. 

It took Marco Rojas 5 minutes to make me reach for the tissues. To wipe my eyes because I can’t handle seeing Victory score. Rojas with the the quick finish of a good kind, beating Redmayne after an excellent run into the box.

Sydney continued the first half with more possession but a little less FC brilliance. Until Milos Ninkovic in the 43rd minute that is. Ninkovic initially left unmarked, received the ball in what felt like slow motion and even with two defenders coming in for the kill, Ninko continued his slow mo movements without a care in the world that anyone is on his back and slots it past Thomas. 

The lads head into the sheds at half time and we’re all thinking, okay, this could really go either way. But we had no idea that Corica had something up his sleeve. We still don’t know what was up his sleeve.

In the 62nd minute Rojas goes down and not in the good way from a knock to his ankle which gave Sydney a perfect opportunity to capitalise. Alert the elders because Anthony Caceres scored from a short corner. Clearly I’m not a huge advocate for short corners but thoroughly enjoyed the power from Caceres’ shot which hit the post and ricocheted into the back of the net. 

Directly after the goal, Victory tried to get theirs back on the attack but while they tried to get a play together in the box, they looked more like a Sunday league team who’d been out on the piss the night before. Instead the boys in sky blue took it on the counter and found a goal from an unmarked Alfie after a great Grant run. 

If you thought Sydney FC going 3-1 up away in an oval shaped Marvel Stadium was bad, just imagine Sydney FC going 4-1 up away in an oval shaped Marvel Stadium while conceding a soft pen and a Victory player gets sent off. Buhagiar making a great run into the area is greeted by Hoogland and Gallifuoco, right on the tip of the box Hoogland knocks Buhagiar with his shoulder and Trent goes down in the box. It was pretty soft but you can accept the penalty. But then Shaun Evans pull out a red card to Hoogland. Brain exploding emoji I have no idea what the hell he did to receive a red.

Kosta [snake] Barbarouses steps up for the penalty and scores against his former navy blues. Clearly nothing but a distant memory of a constant supply of souvlaki, Kosta celebrates against his former club.

Sydney FC finish as 4 – 1 winners and you worry if Sydney got their shit together sooner, this could’ve been a shit show for the Vuck. Sydney get to leave Melbourne with 3 points and head home for their Saturday night game against Perth Glory, followed by the catch up ‘no body cares about the Nix’ Wednesday night Wellington Phoenix game. Which let’s be honest is a pretty dick move to make the Nix come to NSW, head home for one game and then to come back to NSW again in 8 days. Melbourne Victory however have said home game for Nix, away, on Sunday afternoon.

Can Victory bounce back? I know nothing about this league anymore.

By Rose Valente

One thought on “Melbourne Victory wake up blue after Sydney FC score a few

  1. “I have no idea what the hell he did to receive a red.”

    The ref probably saw two reasons to show Hoogland a red card.

    Hoogland, within MVC’s own penalty area, denies Buhagiar an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by

    1. charging or pushing
    2. no attempt or possibility to play the ball.

    DOGSO + penalty area + either 1 or 2 and it is a send-off.

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