New Year New Roar


As an away fan I was keen to see the RBB in their new stadium in the first game of the year, the stadium itself didn’t disappoint, the field looked spectacular under lights. It’s a shame the RBB didn’t turn up, which after the year they had, it’s not surprising they had a few extra beers for new years eve. 

It seemed this year was going to start with a bang for Western Sydney, scoring just five minutes into the game. Stunning that the Wanderers were able to break through our defence given Fowler had 5 at the back, with Hingert the 5th defender. Jack collecting his second full 90 since returning from injury. But the Wanderers passed their way into Brisbane’s box, and played a simple cutback for Duke to convert, making Brisbane’s defence look like training cones. 

Luckily for us, Scott Neville popped up with a header just fifteen minutes later. Who knew Scott Neville would become the best signing we picked up this season?

Nothing else happened in the first half, I think I had a micronap for my own NYE recovery. Neither team looked to score, the faint sound of a whistle in the RBB was the only noise in the stadium as both teams passed the ball aimlessly. Fowler occasionally ran onto the field desperately wanting to re-live his glory days, Babbel stayed seated in his godfather-esque suit. I wonder what it’s like to have a coach who owns more than one outift, I have a theory Fowler’s wardrobe is just 7 of the same shirt and when he’s feeling frisky, he goes for the Navy instead of the dark blue. Just a theory.

The second half was more of the same, except the lack of discipline was on show with a number of yellow cards being shown in quick succession for both teams. Some of the build-up was starting to look more promising, Brad Inman scored his second goal in a week to give Brisbane the lead. We haven’t been in the lead very often of late, it felt strange and foreign. After the goal, Wanderers fans started to fire up a bit more with loud booing at any decision against them echoing around the stadium.

It looked like they were going to equalise, with a number of dangerous opportunities in front of goal, but today just wasn’t their day. Jamie Young was throwing himself at the ball time after time and Wanderers attackers kept missing open goal from inside the goal area. Brisbane also had another chance created by youngster Muratovic, who dribbled his way around a number of WSW defenders, getting himself inside their penalty area, just unfortunately not able to finish. Would be interesting to see Muratovic and DWH start together, youngsters at Brisbane historically tend to feed off each other, I always think back to Borrello and Maclaren’s on field chemistry. 

So, with a win against 7th ranked Western Sydney, Brisbane climb to 9th. Looks like we’re stuck with Fowler football another week, here’s hoping he uses the January transfer window to find a playmaker.

By Kianna Aquilina (Fowler’s number 1 fan)

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