New Zealand International Scores Big In Brisvegas


This game…we don’t talk about this game. Shhhhhh, it didn’t happen….

Nah, we’re gonna talk about it a little bit. Just a bit.

Just when we thought the Roar could not fall from grace any further, here we are. 5 – 0, a magnificent scoreline for the Victory but for the Roar…Hey, the ship has officially sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Rose* made it out while she could and Jack*…we’ll we all know what happened to Jack.

Rose* Aloisi
Jack* Roar

The first goal came from the ‘Big Sexy Swede’, as my brother and his mates have named him (Don’t ask, it’s an inside joke), on the 25th minute, with a build up that looked like something off of FIFA on Amateur level. The build up by Victory was beautiful, along with the header by Toivonen but Roar looked like someone was smacking all the buttons on the controller at once, out of blind panic.

Blind panic continues as Brissy give a penalty away, Kosta ‘Babe’arouses (buy our shirts) stepping up to the spot, sealing it with a second goal for the Victory.

A little further down the road, Roar just forget what the hell it means to mark your man, give away another easy goal, making it 3 – 0. Then blink and you’ll miss it, Brissy gets lazy again and Kosta smacks in another, 4 – 0.

Finally, the final blow, the last nail in the coffin, the goal that makes sure there is NO COMING BACK FROM THIS, was the 5th and final goal which was a graceful accidental assist by O’Toole, right into the path of our net fixing and goal scoring machine.

We have a hat trick for Kosta and 3 points for the Victory.

As much as Brisbane did try, and they DID try, according to the stats they didn’t do so bad. Their main man, Adam Taggart, shooting just as many attempts on goal as Kosta with 7 shots, 6 on ’Taggart’ (hahahahahabadjokehahhaha), add that up all together, Roar had 20 shots….but 6 on target….if you haven’t put 2 and 2, together, there was no success.

The the main reason for this failed attempt to net the ball into the back of the net, was the Great Wall of Melbourne that was standing in front of it.

Lawrence Thomas, the man made 7 clear saves and has been consistent all season long. Over the last 3 seasons, we’ve seen nothing but class from the Victory Keeper. And dare I say it…WHY HASN’T HE BEEN CALLED UP TO THE SOCCEROOS YET!?

God only knows, but what we do know is that this season is surely through for the Roar…makes me sad to say that. They haven’t had much luck all season, only scrapping up 7 points.

Oh well, join the train of pain with the Wanderers supporters, let’s go grab a drink together and drown our sorrows.

By Christina Trajceska

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