Newcastle Jets’ Form Arrives Like A Tiger Flight


Sydney FC made the trip to the Hunter for their last game of the regular season and the last opportunity for a hit out before their bye week leading into the semi finals. Newcastle Jets however, well they’re on holidays tomorrow.

Today being the anniversary of the infamous Scorpion Kick from Riley McGree at this venue as well as Joey Champness’ birthday, fans were hoping this might be an extra special night. The Newcastle Jets have only just found their form, I guess if the season was a little longer..

Sydney were the more inspiring team from the get go but as the final scoreline reveals, Sydney went too hard too fast. Ghoochannejhad, Grant and O’Neill all with chances early on but none were able to be converted. It wasn’t completely one sided with Roy O’Donovan piling on the pressure, along with Petratos and Champness but it was nothing Jacob Tratt and his mate Wilko couldn’t carry on their shoulders.

Both Le Fondre and Champness only minutes apart at opposite ends of the pitch, go down in the box in attempt to open the scoring. Both attempts called to play on and forced to play the old fashioned way.

In the 41st minute Ben Kantarovski finds the ball from a corner through a crowd of absolute chaos and finds the back of the net while Redmayne is still searching for the ball. Poor Redmayne struggling with moving bodies everywhere and Kantarovski was just in the right place at the right time.

The Jets started the second half full of energy. Sydney FC either didn’t care as much given their position on the ladder has already been sealed or the Hulk destroyed them during the Asian Champions League as the Jets definitely looked like the more exciting team.

Birthday boy Champness passes to Lachlan Jackson who tries to find Dimi Petratos across the face of goal, Redmayne does well to come out but not well enough to actually save it. The pass unfortunately for Redmayne, is deflected from the keeper as he can’t quite get a hold on it. While out of position, Petratos decides to pick up the pieces and it’s 2-0 to the Newcastle Jets.

Rhyan Grant with a bit of aggression this evening finally got his yellow card for clipping Joey Champness. Luckily for Grant though, his number was called for the sidelines in the last 20. Also luckily for Joey Champness as without Grant’s obsessively close marking, he had freedom.

In the last 10 minutes, Sydney FC find all the energy they’ve been holding in over the last 35, plus the injection of energy from Ivanovic, giving us an exciting end to this oddly one sided affair. Jets fans wanting more, Sydney Fans just wanting a latte.

The scoreline ends 2-0 to the Newcastle Jets who can at least go out on a win, even if their season was shambles. Sydney FC however now have the finals series to focus on.

By Rose Valente

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