Nix Fans Go Home Without Pizza And Only One Vucking Point


I’ve been writing a nice handful of articles about other A-league teams over the last couple weeks. Why aren’t I writing about my team, you ask? BECAUSE I’M STILL NOT MENTALLY OKAY :’) 

Now, back to the match, the last time these two met, it was a shocking 3 -3 result where the Victory let their guard down against the Nix but luckily someone by the name of Kosta saved them from losing all 3 points.

It’s kicking off at Eden Park this time, and the Victory are off to another quick start, but blink and things suddenly change, it takes only seconds for them to lose their composure and the Nix are battering them back.

The regular threat to the oppositions defence, David Williams, startling the Victory defence with a nice chance, as Singh whips across a corner. This early, and particular, shot gets the crowd on their feet, thinking the Nix are in for another early goal. Didn’t end the way they had hoped through as the goal was denied shortly after.

Not too far down the road, though, is Kenny Athiu running forward, a one on one with Phoenix shot stopper, Kurto. No surprise that the shot was miraculously stopped, he’s been a smart ass about jumping around at pointless shots through out the season, but the bloke can clearly back it up when needed, being Wellingtons saviour throughout the season.

One of the highlights for tonights match is not just the goals that are to come, but the news that every single Nix supporter/member in the stadium gets a free pizza if the Nix win. Now that is the sort of motivation you need to reel in the crowds.

After a few minutes, Barbarouses and Troisi pair up to attempt to screw up that glorious deal of free pizza, but the Nix are confident that their fans will get what they were promised, by blocking the shot more than once, Keeping hopes alive for a Magherita or two.

As we continue to wait to see who scores the first goal, it seems as if Fox Sports themselves are sick to death of the Kiwi commentary, the whole stream just shuts off for a few minutes. (Until they probably found the legend who hit the red button back in the studio, who was probably dramatically dragged away by security shortly after as they try and recover the Live feed. At least that’s what I imagined went down…I have one wild imagination).

We’re back in business, yet it’s 25 something minutes in and neither side has scored yet. So we continue to play the waiting game…

The waiting game continues right after a good opportunity for Troisi comes and goes. Kurto denying the goal once again, giving Troisi another chance to make it 1 – 0, but over the ball goes, sky high, probably ended up back in Docklands for all we know.

Some would say that both teams are the most entertaining and consistent out of the 10 that exist in the league, this season, right next to Glory, and I can agree on that. But at the same time, this first half is killing me. Somebody do something already, please.

Second half kicks off, and there’s really no point of me recounting the first 10 minutes, it was a plain as flour, let’s just go straight to the glorious volley from Krishna that gets Eden Park roaring for a chance of that Free Pizza deal. 1 – 0!

60 minutes in, a sweeping set of moves from the Nix as they counter attack at high speed hoping to get another goal to seal the deal but let’s not forget that Kurto isn’t the only top keeper in the league. Lawrence Thomas leaps his way forward to shut down the Nix, and thankfully, for the sake of my brother’s sanity, it works.

Shortly after, Broxham gets smashed between two Nix players and earns himself a penalty. Ah, the tables have turned. Give it a few minutes, ya’ll, because if you blink, you’ll miss the hand ball that almost gave the Wellington Phoenix a penalty. By some bloody miracle, it was just outside the box, resulting in a free kick that really didn’t do anything but give Thomas something to do. Something to do also involved giving Victory a chance of a counter attack. A counter attack that could have caused an upset but was once against stopped by Kurto, just in the ‘Nix’ of time, HA, see what I did there? …I’ll see myself out, lemmi just finish this article off.

Victory continue to ‘penetrate the box’ but aren’t getting anywhere close. It’s a replay of the other two matches over the season as both sides attempt to get ahead of each other, but it looks like both sides are going to draw once again FOR THE THIRD TIME. Bloody hell, how frustrating.

The home fans are going home with no Pizza tonight. So that’s biggest disappointment above all else. Forget the points, that’s not important.

Next week the Victory are up against their cross town rivals for the Melbourne Derby and the Nix will be going up against Sydney FC at, hold on …Campbelltown Sport Stadium??? Interesting.

Oh well, that’s another round over, onto the next!

Oh yeah, and reminder, the DUB Final is on tomorrow. Watch it, attend it, keep up to date with our socials, whichever, IT’S GONNA BE GOOD!

By Christina Trajceska

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