Not The Greatest Day On The Green For Bentleigh


As the FFA cup battle continues on the ground, up in the stands the battle of the souvlaki also goes on. Even the pre-game show talks about the 370kg of souvlaki available tonight, that should cover the almost 2,000 strong crowd.

Whilst I would love to cheer on an underdog and see a non a-league team in the grand final, I can’t allow this to happen against Adelaide United. However, with Goodwin and Kitto out I am slightly concerned, football can be a funny game. Bentleigh Greens have the disadvantage of most of their team having already completed a full days work, how can they match the fitness of a professional team? Besides they need to get home and pack their bags for Bali tomorrow.

It’s a battle of the clean sheets and one team will go home tonight with a load of washing to do. United come straight out to play with Boland sending a strike over the top in the opening minute. Bentleigh also wanting to make an early statement and almost open the scoring after a poor clearance from Izzo, who is standing out in his high vis tonight, perhaps a little too much as the defenders look a little shaky in the early stages. The game is swinging from end to end.

Seven minutes in Blackwood tangles himself up and misses from near the penalty spot, probably shouldn’t have! United seem to settle and start controlling possession, then Halloran breaks through for United in the 21st min after receiving a low cross from Blackwood, a redemption point for Blackwood. The half then has missed chances from both sides and the foul meter hitting the roof.

Boland and Ilso were the stand outs for United. Both players pushing their team mates by creating chances and enticing forward plays.

As we’ve stated previously, Kurz’ training sessions must involve ‘get on the end of an Isaias dead ball’ drills as three minutes after half time, Elsey Emu nets the second goal for United from an Isa free kick. Elsey Emu or Elsey Everywhere?!

After this you can see United’s fitness hold them as Bentleigh start thinking about beers in Bali. The game is still played with determination and heart from Bentleigh but they just don’t have the same finesse.

Untied are through to the FFA Cup Grand Final with their opponent to be decided tomorrow night in Penrith when Sydney meet the Wanderers at ‘home’ to complete the Semi-Final leg.

Reds fans now have an excruciating 24 hour wait to find out who’s name will be drawn out of the hat to play the home final, assuming the hat has as many tricks as a magicians.

We can’t wait to see you at the SCG for the FFA Cup Final.

Featured Image from Fox Football’s Twitter page.

By Michelle Reid


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