O’Neill Accidentally Activates Sheppard’s On Button Upon Collision


Another F3 Derby was upon us, as part of the Triple Header Wednesday, my only issue is WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US WHEN WE ALL HAVE WORK, CLASS ETC TOMORROW?! 

But anyway the Jets were looking to regain their mojo and put in a solid performance against the cellar dwelling Mariners.

It started off interestingly enough when Topor-Stanley hit a brilliant shot scoring a decent goal in the process but it was ruled offside and the Jets began smashing it in possession!

The 30th minute a collision between O’Neill and Sheppard, Kaine coming off looking like he’d gone a few rounds with Mohammed Ali.

I can be squeamish when it comes to blood so I was like oh crap that’s a lot of blood but also, I was kind of fascinated !

The Jets were a man down while he received treatment on the sideline.

Once bandaged up, (practicing for his Halloween mummy costume maybe?) he was good to go!

Then Clisby earned a yellow in the 35th following a from behind studs up boots challenge on Danny Georgievski. Who in typical Daniel “The Macedonian Firecracker” Georgievski fashion (yep I’ve now dubbed him that) lost his sh*t / cool, not impressed with Clisby and rightly so!

The rest of the half was starting to get a bit dull with neither side fashioning anything too exciting and the Mariners looking very flat.

0-0 half time.

Second half

Onto the second half and the Central Coast finally got their first corner of the game in the 50th minute but it was safely cleared by Sheppard. The ball was sent back in and on debut for the Mariners, Nisbet hit it but went straight to Moss.

A few minutes later and Sheppard pounced on a great corner from Petraros in 53rd but was unlucky not to score.

Not even twenty seconds later Sheppard bangs the ball in! Following an over the top ball from Petratos, to O’Donovan who fashioned a lovely little dink to Sheppard and BAM!


Clearly that head knock wasn’t going to stop him stamping his authority on tonight’s match!

It wasn’t going to be smooth sailing for the hosts though when Murray almost drew the visitors level with a great header toward the bottom corner in the 63rd. But Vujica who made his return to the side  managed to get a touch to it. The Jets looking lively, pushing for a second.

Soon after Dimi Petraros was denied following a great shot in the 70th.

After a scrappy contest, the 78th saw the Mariners have got a bit of momentum forward.

Following a corner, Aspro was denied by the post and Pain couldn’t capitalise on the ricochet.

So so close by the visitors !

Petratos again for what felt like the 283728th time was denied a goal in the 87th and the corner didn’t result in anything of substance.

The defence of the Newcastle held strong, and I was jealous tbh! The Mariners looked extremely likely to score at least a goal tonight but it wasn’t to be. Further evidence that while scoring goals is important having a solid defence is also imperative.

In the end it was a decent enough mid-week game of football. The Jets bagged the 3 points, which was to be expected going in before kickoff if I’m honest. And after just over 90 mins of football the Mariners could’ve and should’ve gotten a point, but failed to do so.

By Jakie Manevski

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