Oriol Riera Pulls Up With A Sore Back From Carrying The Team


Well that was short lived from the Nix, wasn’t it?

As much faith as I have in Mark Rudan, things just didn’t go their way this time. AND THANK GOOD GOD, BECAUSE WE NEEDED THOSE 3 POINTS.

After a cracker of a display tonight at good ol’ Westpac Stadium (everything is blood “gOoD oL’” for me), also known as the TORNADO ALLEY, the WINDIEST BLOODY STADIUM KNOW TO MAN IN THE A-LEAGUE, we walked away with 3 point and 3 goals. 3 magnificent ones too.

After our derby defeat due to a VAR and refereeing decision that still has my blood boiling, this result has lifted my dark and gloomy spirits for once. The first goal came at 10 minutes into the match by German firecracker, Alexander Baumjohann, putting us into the lead early as he celebrates with his best Mierzejewski impression in front of the crowd…..small group….pair of Nix fans in Aisle 33…

The wind and rain continues at Westpac, it pelts down on the players and it pelts down on poor Mark Rudan, as the Nix continue to go south from their last two games. Here I was, thinking my team was going to screw up again, that it was going to take another 3 rounds to get our game acts together to even win against the Nix but something glorious happened…

The second chance for a goal comes from a handball in the box that gives us a penalty, and after a tough couple of games, our favourite Red and Black Spaniard, Oriol Riera, sends the keeper the opposite direction.

2 – 0 and a goal to Riera’s name, something the poor bloke needs after missing the damn goals over the last couple weeks, constantly… (talk about a tough time) But can we also point out that even though he plays the Striker position, we saw Riera playing the defending position 50% of the time during the game too, as well as the other two rounds of the A-league. A man of many, many talents…and a team of many, many slackers…nOt aLL oF yOU, DoN’t TaKE it SeRiOuSlY, but ya’ll better start shaping up, you’re attack can’t carry you on their shoulders for the whole season.

The third and final goal came from young Jordan O’Doherty, an extra time cracker of a goal that young J.D should be proud of. It was a beautiful build up from the squad, pace that we have not seen from the Wanderers in BLOODY YEARS, and what would have been absolutely, ‘TEARS TO MY EYES’, amazing, if this is how last week went… (get over is Christina, there’s 2 more derbies, it’s going to be okay)

Overall, a nice little game in wind and rain. 3 points are ours and confidence returns to the red and black side. As for Wellington…sorry lads, back to the drawing board, you had some mint chances on goal towards the dying minutes of the second half but the wind was against ya’s and so was shot stopper Vedran Janjetovic (Vedran, if you’re reading this, I love you, can I have your jersey?).

Ahhh, it’s one game, Marky Vuda has a few things up his terminator leather coat looking sleeves, I think the Nix will be just fine this season.

As for the Wanderers…erreemm…….WE’RE GONNA WILL THE F*CKIN’ LEAGUE!

Featured image from DITB Twitter page.

By Christina Trajceska

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