Perth couldn’t shoot their shot against Stott


So we are expecting this game to be filled with a crazy amount of goals and to probably be very onesided. Campbell started off and showed that she was pretty confident with the ball at her feet which gave the Glory some hope.

Of course no one is perfect and she messed up and let the ball roll right past her foot but she redeemed herself so it wasn’t all that bad. Glory is toe to toe with the ladder leaders which is soooo surprising because they are sitting second last. 

The first 10 minutes was all to do with City… city, city, city. They were all over glory. Steph Catley made a promising shot that didn’t make it 1-0. Then Simon followed it up and failed to make it 1-0 also with a header. To be completely honest, Glory are doing terrific and really trying hard to holding off conceding. And then I was so excited to see what Van Egmond had to offer when she stepped up to take the free kick. I loosened up my body and got ready to cheer for city as I thought it’ll be 1-0. I was so wrong! Campbell wouldn’t have got to that if it was on target, let me tell you that. Emily fully missed the goal mouth and with that, it remained 0-0 and glory still alive. 

Glory’s Andrews had 2 amazing long shots but both happened to go right over the crossbar. It’s a good thing for Perth I guess, it just increases their amounts of shots. The most action happened in the last 10 minutes of the first half. The ball was thrown around in the box and there was just too many bodies in the way to find the direct path to goal. Simon just couldn’t get in behind like Carpenter hoped for. She just couldn’t finish it just before the half time whistle. 

The second half was a totally different story y’all. City was way more on top of Glory even though they still held together. When would City finally make it 1-0? That was the real question on all of our minds. 46th minute, Simon had an incredible shot but it just happened that Eliza Campbell was in the perfect position and she held the ball close to her to kill some time. Next shot came from Catley at the 49th minute, Campbell saved it…again. It rebounded off her and Aivi Luik who was a quiet one this game had a shot. Unfortunately, she couldn’t get enough on it and she scored some ‘air time’ as some may call it and ended up on the floor, in a mess with Campbell.


And was Crystal Thomas about to save Glory and make it 1-0 their way? Williams says ‘I don’t think so’ and makes a save. 

56th minute, Simon went for a far range and it gave a shock to Campbell whose heart probably jumped up in her throat as she heard the sound of the ball land on the top of the net. McKenna tested Williams and had a good chance but again Lyds said ‘no thank you ma’am’ and saved it. 

Heres the good part! The most exciting part of the whole game. City FINALLY made it 1-0. It started with a beautiful one of Catley’s free kicks. 1st chance, came of the left post. 2nd chance, Simon got a head to it and that came off someone who I cannot name because I couldn’t see. There was sooooo many people in that box at that time and it all  happened so quick… my apologies. ANDDDD they say 3rd time is the charm. Tonight proved it. Actually Rebekah Stott proved it. She dived in amongst all the people in the box and the ball went right off her head from very close range and past Campbell and crew. Kyah Simon with the assist there following a set piece situation. 


Carpenter had a really good chance to score her debut goal in City colours, but she misjudged the shot and it went right past the entire goal. Emily Van Egmond made an exceptional cross to her and she Ellie was in the perfect position but oh well… accidents happen. I can’t wait for that day when she finally scores in City colours because she, of all people, deserve it.

Someone tell me why Campbell never fails to impress me. She made a flyingggg save and destroyed Emslie’s dreams. The Scottish international was goal bound and so was Van Egmond but neither could finish. And that pretty much sums up the whole game, of what I thought would be completely City dominated… Glory held very well for a massive amount of time. Onto the next….

By Gabby Campbell

Featured image by Aleksandar Jason

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