Perth Extends Gap While Hitting The Glory Hole Repeatedly


I should be writing up about the Wanderers and how they finally got their sh*t together but I’m going to be talking about the Glory and how, SURPRIIISSSEEE, they wont another match with no sweat at all, racked up all 3 points and are STILL top of the table.

Brisbane travelled out west (the other west) this round to tackle the visiting team, only to have themselves in the same predicament as they have most of the season…staring down the barrel of another battering loss.

I’m just gonna round this up real quick because we’ve seen this before from both sides. As ‘Glorious’ as it is to talk about the team in Royal Purple rise from the ashes to become one of the best teams this season, but painful to see the Roar become a bore…*ba dum Tsssss*, we can’t keep pointing out the same obvious thing each week, we might as well just re-direct our readers to the previous articles and just say “HERE, READ, SAME THING HAPPENED AGAIN” …which is what I am, more or so, going to do ‘here’, to be honest. Oh well, here’s the same thing, just written slightly different and against a different team…


Reviewing the first half, we could already tell that Perth were going to score and take the lead almost immediately, and they did. Flowing like water through the Brisbane defence, finding the cracks that were large enough to fit a whale, we received a beautiful link up with a cross by young Iko, a header to set it up by Keogh and DAVIDSON with the finish! Surprise, surprise, it’s 1 – 0 and the returning crowd at NIB stadium goes wild!

Moving on, 35 minutes in and another cross comes in from the right hand side of the field into the path of Andy Keogh after a classy first touch from Scott Neville to send it in, the whole damn team is making this look too easy as a header makes it 2 – 0.

If you can’t tell, I’ll just point out the familiar pattern that continues through out the match:

Now students, If draw our attention to ‘The sides’…don’t know what I’m talking about, do you?

Well, both left and right sides of the field for the Roar are their weak points, if you haven’t realised, both goals (and now soon after the the third, we get another clean example) are coming from attacking play, that is directed down the left and right side of the field, before a cross is taken, that 95% of the time, ends up as a header or a volley, resulting in another goal scored.

Observe for the next goal, children. Right after Castro makes it look like he’s dripping past a bunch of cones at training, to then take a simple kick up close, making it 3 – 0, we move on to the second half where I will point out where it continues to go wrong for the visiting side.

The teams walk their way into the tunnel at the end of the first half, surely you’d think Brisbane would be marching back to the change rooms to talk bout the sh*tty defending that is going on…right? WRONG.

I’m just gonna put the Roar readers out of their misery and quickly say the 4th and final kick to the nuts was from Castro. Keogh coming in from the lefthand side of the field this time, crossing it low towards Castro before it settles into the back on the net for a 4th.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

It’s another victory for the home side, not really surprised at the result. If you’re playing in Glory Territory against a team that is almost unstoppable, you’re gonna have a bad time. (if you don’t get that South Park reference, we can’t talk).

By Christina Trajceska

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