Perth Glory Barely Work Up A Sweat In The Central Coast


League leaders Perth Glory were lucky enough to visit the coastal town of Gosford to meet the Central Coast Mariners on Sunday night. A trip every team loves because it gives them an opportunity for a hit out without too much strain on themselves.

The match started like I feel every Sunday night, flat, tired and draining. It was definitely a case of not if, but when will the Glory get their first goal.

The first 10 minutes was like that really old Simpsons episode, you know? “holds it, HOLDS IT”. Thankfully, by the 11th minute, Joel Chianese decided to slide one in between the Mariners legs for a hell of a finish. Chianese lined it up perfectly to give the Glory their 1-0 lead.

This game started to receive more cards than spectators with both teams getting a little feisty. The first half ended up with a total of 4 yellow cards, 2 to each team.

It took about 20 minutes for the Mariners to find their on-switch with Matt Millar making some great runs up the right and Jordan Murray doing his usual antics in the area but unable to make anything of their chances.

In the 29th minute Dino Djulbic throws his entire body on the line from a corner and re-writes the definition of beating your man because he beat every single person in that area. The big Bosnian brick head receives the ball on that big tough head of his and makes it 2-0 for the Glory.

Just before half time, as Chris Ikonomidis takes a shot, he falls awkwardly and dislocates his shoulder. It was instant and looked absolutely painful. The Glory decided to see out the remaining minutes without Ikonomidis as they obviously didn’t want us to have witnessed doctor/physio’s putting a shoulder back together all in the name of vein.

As the second half sets in, both teams find a bit of energy. In the 55th minute we see Jacob Melling take down Diego Castro in the box who is then awarded a penalty. Kilkenny steps up and without hesitation, slots it home.

The Mariners start to find their feet in the 60th minute as Liam Reddy is forced to actually do some work. Reddy looks clearly disgusted by this as he spent his entire pre-game preparation expecting to be involved in sweet fa. The Mariners began to create chances and give the few fans in attendance something to cheer for.

Unfortunately for all in attendance and viewing from a safe distance on the couch with a nice fatty pizza, the excitement within this game was too long between drinks. I would safely say we had about 8 minutes of exciting play within the 45 minutes of this half. Thrilling Stuff.

By Rose Valente

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