Perth Glory nearly forget to score


If you’re new to the dub (welcome!) then you’ll be delighted to know that not only is there #justaleaguethings but there is also #justdubthings or #chaosleague things. On tonights double of Friday night football, it was delightful to tune in to a late night game hoping to restore my faith in good football after watching what was a binfire of an A-League game.

Within 2 minutes, this game didn’t disappoint. Canberra’s (Khamis FC) keeper, Sham Khamis with a clearance that saw the ball land on the commentary within the grandstands. I love this league. You hear a massive crash and then Adam Papalia, the solo commentary, attempted to scramble back into a professional manner while trying to gather all his stuff that has been destroyed by the cleared ball. Papalia was clearly frazzled for a further 10 minutes as he hilariously tried to compose himself from absolutely pissing himself laughing. 

The opening 15 saw Perth Glory with all the control of this game, a little too much control. As someone who is very publicly rooting for Perth Glory and their first win for the season, I was concerned. My concerns were validated in the 14th minute as Simone Charley receives a ball that perfectly falls on her boot during an attacking run. Uh oh. Charley doing what Charley does, scores her 4th goal for the season (Round 5 mind you). It was a bit like opening your Christmas presents when you were 8 years old, it all happened so fast. Simone bolts down the right, receives the ball in the process, beats her woman and slots it past the keeper bulging the bottom left of the net. Perth 1-0 down in the first 15 at home, great.

The Glory controlled a fair bit of play throughout this match, with a fair few attacking runs down the middle, and a fair few attacks through Jukic. Kat Jukic confirming my theory that every single Balkan is good at football. Unfortunately for Perth they have been failing with the actually scoring a goal side of things. There just isn’t much urgency in this side, no spark. They’re not playing bad football but they just can’t get it right and in most cases, just get outscored by the opposition. 

Perth started the second half strong however Canberra responded. For the neutral, this was some great stuff. Karly Roestbakken, who I believe is not talked about enough, was strong for this Canberra outfit. She sent is as many balls to the attacking players throughout the 90 than I send messages in the group chat after two wines. But Eliza Campbell is an absolute gun between the Glory sticks, who definitely keeps the Glory in most games.

Canberra began to shoot themselves in the foot as time went on. At one point Camila played a super short corner, so short it was passed to half way towards the half way line and the attacking opportunity was completely lost. If not before, the Glory definitely knew it was time to increase the urgency now.

The entire second half was an absolute battle for the ball, from both teams. You’d be silly to think there wasn’t at least another goal in it. THANK HEAVENS, for the Glory, there was. 

In the 89th minute Perth Glory lined up for a corner, whipped in by Crystal Thomas. Thomas finds the head of Kim Carroll who finds the sweet spot of the crossbar to see the ball bounce back down and fall into the back of the net. Dorrien Gardens goes nuts!!! It’s been a hard season for Glory fans.

After 4 additional minutes of stoppage time, Perth and Canberra both go home with one point. A fantastic result for a point-hungry Glory but a shitty results for Heather Garriock and her team after keeping the slim lead for a majority of the match. Perth Glory now head on the road to continue to chase the desperate win they need, next up against Melbourne City (eep). Canberra United are also on the road to Adelaide who are in the same boat as Perth Glory and desperate for their first win.

By Rose Valente 

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