Perth Glory take home 3 points and City fans’ tears


I haven’t watched a game at AAMI park in a long time, I’ve missed seeing those seagulls on my screen. It’s good to see the seagulls on field still outnumber City’s fans in the stadium. I decided to watch this game as a neutral to relive the good days of Roar past, with a whole heap of previous players in the mix. We love the recycling league. 

It was a great display of the recycling league in fact, with nearly half of each team previously belonging to the other. Former city star Bruno Fornaroli was the first to open the scoring with a beautifully weighted header to sneak past Bouzanis who was not at all expecting the shot. After leaving City on such messy terms after they broke up with him, he got his revenge scoring with his new squeeze.

It was a good thing he scored because sitting in my lounge room in 40-degree heat at 7pm does not make it easy to concentrate on less than exciting games. The fact the crowd were in jumpers was not helping me at all.

The main takeaway I had from the first half was that I miss Franjic.

Half time was potentially my favourite part of the match because they had an interview with Australias best coach on the eve of him sealing the J league to add to his lengthy list of accomplishments. I miss Ange.

The tempo lifted slightly in the second half, with Ikonimidis really starting to fire. Iko was dancing up the right wing, beating several City defenders and combining well with Castro. Castro set up some promising chances with one leading to Perths second goal, Castro cut back to Wutrich who fired a low shot that was deflected in by Delbridge. Poor Delbridge didn’t have a good night, the first goal he was outmuscled by Fornaroli and this one he scored himself. Seems like he got confused by all the recycled players and he forgot which team he was playing for. You’re shooting at the wrong end mate!

My mother kept mentioning how skinny Ivan Franjic looks. She sounds like every mother ever; “he looks like he isn’t eating enough I hope he isn’t unwell.” She also wanted to make sure I write WE LOVE YOU IVAN five times in this article. And she said FIVE TIMES repeatedly so; WE LOVE YOU IVAN WE LOVE YOU IVAN WE LOVE YOU IVAN WE LOVE YOU IVAN. I wonder if he will get the message?

Just when you thought previously table topping had been embarrassed enough by the current bottoms, Perth scored again. Mrcela the tallest man on the field puts his towering head to good use by floating another one past the unsuspecting Bouzanis. Poor lad let more balls into his box than most straight women I know.

It looked like City were going to hit back with a late goal, but it was (correctly) ruled offside. Noone could get a goal for City, this seems like a joke about Craig noone scoring but this time I genuinely mean no one. Jamie Maclaren had his first game without a goal in two weeks, not able to add to his current tally of 9 goals in 4 appearances. He seemed sad after the game but mostly cold. I really wish I was cold. Brisbane is hot and literally on fire. What we would all give for some rain and cold weather.

Really though, I miss Ivan. I hope he’s eating. You better look after our son, Perth.

By Kianna Aquilina

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